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Flexible Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway to grow your business

Using a PayPax account, you can easily connect your online store to a E-money and crypto payment gateway and sell your products and services globally by accepting both fiat and cryptocurrency payments at the same time. A multi-currency PayPax account enables you to send or receive money from others fast and with low fees. A multi-currency PayPax account enables you to send or receive money from others fast and with low fees.

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One Service For Different Purposes

PayPax offers the following services to grow your business:

Flexible Payment Gateway


Accept payments everywhere with any method

PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

Let your customers pay wherever and however they prefer. Work with one provider to accept, process, and settle payments. With PayPax payment gateway your customers are able to make payments with more than 50 methods.
The classification of these methods is as follows:

PayPax multi crypto payment gateway

Simple Payment Gateway API For Developers

Connect your online store to PayPax payment gateway in less than 5 minutes to accept more than 50 payment methods. With easy-to-use APIs Long coding or complicated modules are not required.

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Simple and Secure wallet for your E-Money & Cryptocurrencies

Track all of your funds & Crypto payments in one secure place

On PayPax, you can store all your assets, e-money, and cryptocurrencies payments in one place and make payment or exchange them to each other at any moment. You can also transfer them to other e-wallets anytime you want or receive them in your bank account or in cash.

Simple & Secure wallet

Save! Safe!

All PayPax users can use a free wallet to keep their e-money and cryptocurrencies safe and manage their assets securely.

Send, Receive & Accept

With PayPax wallet, you can receive electronic money and accept cryptocurrency from anyone globally. Transfer your account balance to other cryptocurrency and electronic money wallets at any moment.

Sell, Buy and exchange

Using PayPax, you can sell or buy cryptocurrencies at the best price. Store your assets using your PayPax account wallet with no fees, or exchange your crypto online.

Get your wallet

Send In Minutes With a Great Exchange Rate

Transfer Money and pay with cryptocurrency fast and easy

With a PayPax account, you can easily send money to friends, family, employees and anyone in different methods of electronic money, cryptocurrencies and banking system.
Transfer money to PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, and Payeer accounts in a couple of clicks. Earn from your payment gateway in the form of digital currency or electronic money and send money to your friends and colleagues.

Transfer Money worldwide

E-money and Banking system

Transfer money in different methods of e-money and banking system


Transfer and add money to other user’s PayPax accounts.


Send, receive and transfer cryptocurrencies in different blockchains.


Exchange Cryptocurrencies and Electronic Money

Exchange Bitcoin and more than 30 altcoins in addition to different types of E-money in simple and secure way. To avoid losses and achieve the highest possible profit in crypto payment gateway payments, it is possible to convert digital currencies to fiat and electronic money quickly. You can convert your income or account balance to different types of digital currencies and transfer them to the financial network you need.

Exchange Cryptocurrencies and Electronic Money

PayPax Prepaid Cards

Connect your Payment Gateway wallet to Prepaid Cards

Use PayPax Payment Gateway to grow your business with effortless and real time payments and withdraw your online payment gateway balance by loading up prepaid cards. PayPax Prepaid cards can be used to make qualifying in-store and online payments. Easy to use and reloadable, PayPax Prepaid cards can go everywhere you do.

PayPax Voucher Gift Card

PayPax Voucher Gift Card for direct payments and send money

You can create PayPax Vouchers with custom balance (1$ to 10000$) directly from your account. Use PayPax Voucher Gift Cards to make deposits to PayPax wallets, direct payments and global transfers, with no fees, No credit check or bank account needed.

 Transfer money to any one all around the world with a simple PayPax voucher gift card.

 Make direct payments online for goods and services securely.

 Exchange voucher to any other e-currency or cryptocurrency through PayPax online exchange service.

Endless Potential and Opportunities Everywhere with PayPax mobile app

Your PayPax app is your key to join a world of endless potential and limitless opportunities. Whether making international payments, receiving funds, managing your business, or accessing your funds, PayPax app is everywhere with you to make sure you can go beyond borders!

PayPax Devices


PayPax provides individual and business online payment solutions Contact us for all you need

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