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Accept BNB as a business: How to get paid in Binance Coin on your website?

For those who want to start accepting Binance Coin on their online business, PayPax is a second to none option. PayPax will offer you an instant and easy to hire API which you can use to accept BNB along with more than 50 other major crypto assets and digital money. This guide will tell you everything you need to know for accepting BNB payments on your website and online shop.

Accept BNB as a business: How to get paid in Binance Coin on your website?
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

Binance chain is a secure and trustworthy network on which you can trade multiple cryptocurrencies or use its native token, BNB, to make online purchases and money transfers. This makes Binance Coin a suitable option for businesses and retailers to expand the number of their potential customers by accepting BNB as a business and getting paid in Binance Coin on their website. 

Why do I need to accept BNB?

Accepting Binance Coin will come along with a number of advantages for your business. Being an excellent utility token will make Binance Coin a suitable option for online purchases such as gift cards, crypto credit card bills, entertainment, travel, and more. That is why many users simply use Binance Coin to pay you.

More than that, Binance Coin transactions are done instantly within a matter of minutes and the fee for  each BNB transaction is only 0.1 percent for everyone. This could be a major benefit that helps Binance Coin win the battle of transaction fees to other large and even more popular assets like Ethereum

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The price of Binance Coin could also compete well with other existing options in the market, making it an overall more cost-effective choice for your customers to be able to pay you in cryptocurrency. 

How to accept BNB payments as a business?

Accepting cryptocurrencies as a business can be done two ways. One is to do it all on your own which will require you to gain expertise in the niche and learn all about installing an API on your website. This way however, will not be much to your benefit since it will take too much of your time. The time you can use for developing your business. 

Another way is to resort to the help of a payment provider to offer you an instant API which can easily be installed on your website and the outcome will be an easy-to-use online payment gateway

An online payment gateway is a decentralized payment platform which allows content creators to accept BNB payments, and clients to pay using Binance Coin directly without having to deal with it on their own.

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Accept BNB on your website and online shop

As mentioned above, in order to accept BNB on your website and online shop, you’ll need a reliable payment provider as mentioned above to bring you the convenience you need. However, this is not the only benefit that comes along with a payment provider.

In order to be able to pay you in BNB, your customers will first need to buy BNB at its best price. This will require them to search for the best and most cost-effective price for BNB. However, if you choose an all-in-one payment solution, they will not only be able to pay you in BNB, but also buy BNB at its best price. Also if they don’t want to pay for their BNB directly, they can buy it through a number of other ways. For instance, they can buy bnb with paypal or a number of other digital or crypto assets

Is it safe to accept Binance Coin?

Binance Coin is considered a relatively safe coin. However, centralized cryptos are more at risk of attack because they have a central point that can be hacked. This issue can be solved with the help of a payment provider too. 

However, choosing a payment provider can lower the risk of cybersecurity issues to a high extent. PayPax will prioritize your security and won’t share any of your data without your prior permission.  

Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that as a business it is also your responsibility to take care of your funds and the security of your customers by keeping your data private

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What you need to accept Binance Coin

In order to accept BNB as a business, you will need to create an official BNB wallet. Each crypto wallet comes with a digital address which can be shared with other users to send you funds in BNB, but you need to consider the fact that it can not be brought to your website directly and will bring about lots of troubles for customers who have technophobia or are not fluent in working with digital and e-commerce platforms.  

However, getting help from a payment provider is a more easy and effective option. As previously said, PayPax can help to streamline the procedure and provide you with the ease you want. Furthermore, PayPax eliminates the requirement to create an official BNB wallet and eliminates all associated obstacles.

Using PayPax you can easily accept BNB payments on your website, give your customers the joy of instant payments and expand the number of your potential customers simultaneously. 

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