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Accept Dogecoin as a business: How to get paid in Doge on your website?

A while ago, the idea of going shopping and being able to pay virtually sounded almost like a dream. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to run a business without having one or two alternative methods to cash and dollar bills. Are you a business manager that is interested to accept Dogecoin payments? PayPax has made it possible!

Accept Dogecoin as a business: How to get paid in Doge on your website?
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

Cryptocurrencies are one of these alternatives and are becoming more popular with each passing day, with dozens of established businesses accepting cryptocurrencies as forms of payments. Now you might have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum more than others but Dogecoin is also starting to find its place among others. 

In this article we’ll tell you all about how to accept Dogecoin payments and its pros and cons. 

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Companies that accept Dogecoin

Dogecoin has been steadily growing in the past few years and that is perhaps the reason behind most major and leading companies of the world accepting it as a payment method. It might have started as a Memecoin but the credit it gain over time added to its popularity each passing day and thus  to such big names started to accept Dogecoin on their business.  

Some well-known companies that have been accepting Dogecoin payments include Tesla, The Dallas Mavericks, BOTS, Inc., AirBaltic, Newegg and Post Oak Motor Cars. This shows how popular DOGE is  among other crypto payments beside Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to improve sales and make it easier for customers as well as retailers to accept Dogecoin payments.

Why do companies accept Dogecoin?

Thanks to Elon Musk, 51-year-old billionaire in the crypto world, the crypto community witnessed a surge in Doge price in the recent year. His Tweets have been a major factor in the rising of DOGE and taking “Doge to the moon” as he says. 

Another reason for vendors and third parties to accept Dogecoin is that the transaction time for DOGE is by nature faster than Bitcoin because it was initially created for the purpose of payments. That’s why many businesses prefer to accept Dogecoin payments rather than going with the stream to accept Bitcoin as a business

In addition, the unlimited amount of Doge supply makes it a suitable option to accept Dogecoin payments for everyday medium transactions.

All that aside, let’s not forget that if you decide to accept Dogecoin on your website it can be financially rewarding too due to the fact that compared to traditional payment methods, cryptocurrency has lower transaction fees.You just need to pay a small fee for your payment to get processed by the network. Particularly, the transaction fees for DOGE are the lowest compared to all other currencies. 

How to accept Dogecoin payments at my business?

How to accept Dogecoin payments at my business? 

If you run a business and want to accept Dogecoin as a payment method, it’s almost impossible to do it without the help of a payment processor. Without the help of a payment processor you’ll be caught up in extracurricular expenses of hiring a development and support team who does the job on your behalf. 

What a payment processor does is bring a crypto payment gateway to your online business. A crypto payment gateway will make you independent of any third party and cut the edges on your unnecessary expenses and you no longer have to be a crypto expert or hire one to accept Dogecoin payments on your online business. 

With the  help of a third-party service you’ll even be able to deposit the money to your bank account in your preferred currency once payment has been made. Using a payment processor can lower the risk of exchange rates fluctuations, money scams and fraud

Accept Dogecoin on your website 

When choosing a third party to accept Dogecoin payments on your website, your options are endless but in terms of quality minimal. 

Our recommended crypto payment processor is PayPax. PayPax is a leading crypto payment solution that lets you accept payments in more than 50 cryptocurrencies and digital money including stablecoins, tokens, and most popular crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether.

The service enables everyone to accept Dogecoin and cryptocurrencies conveniently. However, convenience always comes with a fee. In that case, PayPax offers competitive fees, updated based on mid-market data. Plus, it’s particularly user-friendly and everything is clear cut. 

PayPax offers API, instant payments as well as 24/7 customer support desk for you to easily integrate your payment methods, bring the most cost-effective solutions to your potential customers and expand your business ever more globally.

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Is it safe to accept Dogecoin?

Is it safe to accept Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is in nature a Memecoin which is generally created based on internet jokes and obviously less secure than other assets but in general share many technical characteristics with the world's first crypto, Bitcoin and is generally secure. 

However, if you ever doubted whether to accept Dogecoin payments or not, there are always tons of other options in the crypto world to choose as an alternative. 

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What do you need to accept Dogecoin?

What do you need to accept Dogecoin?

To accept Dogecoin as a business you’ll need to create an official Doge wallet. After you buy Doge at your favored price, you can use your Doge wallet to store them. 

An alternative way is to get help from a crypto payment service provider. PayPax is a leading option. Using PayPax, you can sell your products and services online using various cryptocurrencies and accept Dogecoin payments on your website. 

Another advantage of PayPax is that you no longer have to create a Doge wallet but you can simply accept Dogecoin without buying or owning it. When a customer pays you in DOGE, PayPax converts it to your desired form of e-money or cryptocurrency as easy as the blink of an eye. 

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