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Accept PayPal as a business: How to get paid in PayPal on your website?

PayPal is one of the most convenient ways to make online purchases. Many online businesses or brick and mortar marketplaces are starting to accept PayPal payments as secure means of transferring money and paying for goods and services. So, the big question is, why should I accept PayPal on my online marketplace?

Accept PayPal as a business: How to get paid in PayPal on your website?
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Stay tuned, because we have compiled a number of sophisticated reasons why you should bring PayPal to your business all the more. 

Why do I need to accept PayPal?

There are a variety of reasons why you should start to accept PayPal at your business. For first, PayPal provides an extra layer of protection by ensuring that merchants never see your sensitive data. Secondly, PayPal is extremely convenient and easy to use. So if you're tired of the problems that come along with credit card numbers, PayPal is here to help. 

The last and perhaps most important is PayPal serves as an intermediary between your bank and merchants and keeps your personal information secure.

You can also use PayPal to securely send money to friends and family as well as receive money from people. 

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How to accept PayPal payments as a business?

If you run a business and want to accept PayPal, here is how you can do it. Businesses who wish to accept PayPal payments may get help from specialized providers to facilitate this process by offering them an online payment gateway. An online payment gateway is a decentralized payment platform which allows merchants to accept PayPal transactions and clients to be able to pay in PayPal directly and with no need to retake the process from PayPal website. 

A payment provider will smooth the way and eliminate the possible obstacles you might have had if you wanted to accept crypto on your own. You no longer need to worry about being a crypto expert and understand how it all works since your processor will be in charge of it all. 

With help from third-party services you’ll even be able to transfer the money to your bank account in your preferred currency once your payment has been made. Using a payment processor can lower the risk of exchange rates fluctuations, money scams and fraud too. 

Accept PayPal on your website and online shop

The checklist that you need to go through to get started accepting PayPal on your online shop includes choosing the best payment processor, integrating your payment method and finally offering the most cost-effective payment methods to your customers on your online marketplace. 

Our recommended crypto payment processor is PayPax. PayPax is a leading digital payment solution that lets you accept payments in more than 50 cryptocurrencies and digital money including stablecoins, tokens, and most popular crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin.

The service enables everyone to accept PayPal and most major cryptocurrencies conveniently. However, convenience always comes with a fee. In that case, PayPax offers competitive fees, updated based on mid-market data. Plus, it’s particularly user-friendly and everything is clear cut. 

PayPax offers API, instant payments as well as 24/7 customer support desk for you to easily integrate your payment methods, bring the most cost-effective solutions to your potential customers and expand your business ever more globally. 

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Is it safe to accept PayPal?

PayPal safeguards your money and data by security features like data encryption and purchase protection. If you choose to accept PayPal payments using a payment processor, PayPax is alert 24/7 and will notify you if it witnesses a suspicious login or purchase from your account, however, it’s still your responsibility to secure your personal account and wallet information.

If you aim to accept PayPal on your website, you need to consider the fact that unlike fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar and the euro, digital money is not backed or insured by any institution or higher regulatory force, that’s what makes them more exposed to cyber security scams and phishing attacks. 

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What you need to accept PayPal 

To accept PayPal as a business you’ll need to create an official PayPal wallet to buy cryptocurrencies at your favored price and store them in your PayPal wallet or ask your customers to send money to your PayPal wallet in the form of your desired cryptocurrency or e-money. 

An alternative way is to get help from an online payment processor. PayPax is a leading option. Using PayPax, you can sell your products and services online using various cryptocurrencies and accept PayPal payments on your website. 

Another advantage of PayPax is that you don't necessarily have to create a PayPal wallet but you can simply accept PayPal without buying or owning it. When a customer pays you, PayPax converts it to your desired form of e-money or cryptocurrency as easy as the blink of an eye. Plus, PayPax eliminates all intermediaries and third-parties and lets you enjoy having international customers from all around the world ever more globally. 


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