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Accept Shiba Inu as a business: How to get paid in Shiba Inu on your website?

Created in August 2020 is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the market, that is available only online. Though Shiba Inu has been in hardship during the year 2022, it is still considered one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, according to CoinMarketCap. Shiba Inu is among the newer wave of cryptocurrencies but is riding a surge of interest in digital assets all the more.

Accept Shiba Inu as a business: How to get paid in Shiba Inu on your website?
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That being said, if you are a business owner or an online retailer, it could be beneficial to accept cryptocurrencies on your online marketplace. Here are the reasons why Shiba Inu must be among your preferred options, and what procedure you should undergo after deciding to accept it. The topic of this article is all about the reasons why you should consider accepting Shiba Inu on your online business and the ways you can do so.

Why do I need to accept Shiba Inu?

There are many reasons why Shiba Inu is an ideal choice for your customers to pay you with and to bring to your online marketplace. Shiba Inu token saw the most jaw-dropping progress last year and is said to continue to rise with Shiba Inu’s price growing 48,000,000% between January 1 and late october.   

The SHIB technology offers a number of improvements including lower transaction costs and that’s why it can be held on to as an investment and your customers can cut the edges on their expenses by paying in SHIB.

Plus, a bright future is on the horizon for the Shiba Inu community with its new layer 2 solution, Shibarium, to be launched in late 2022. The new update is going to bring about many bright aspects for the ecosystem including decreased transaction and gas fees.

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How to accept Shiba Inu payments as a business?

So you run a business and have decided to accept Shiba Inu, here is how you can do it. 

One way to accept Shiba Inu payments is to do it all on your own. This way, however, could be problematic and very much time consuming for those who care about the rapid deployment of the process.

Nonetheless, developed businesses who wish to accept SHIB payments may get help from specialized providers to facilitate this process by offering them an online payment gateway

An online payment gateway is a decentralized payment platform which allows merchants to accept Shiba Inu payments, and clients to pay using SHIB directly without having to deal with it on your own.

In comparison to accepting Shiba Inu on your own, a payment provider will make it easier and eliminate obstacles you might otherwise face. You no longer need to worry about being an expert in the niche and understanding how it all works since your processor will take full responsibility

Accept Shiba Inu on your website and online shop

The first step in the checklist for accepting SHIB on your online shop is to choose the right payment processor and next integrate your payment method, then offer your customers the most cost-effective payment method to your customers.

Our recommended crypto payment processor is PayPax, a leading digital payment solution that lets you accept payments in more than 50 cryptocurrencies and digital money including stablecoins, tokens, and most popular crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin.

PayPax offers API, instant payments as well as 24/7 customer support desk for you to easily integrate your payment methods, bring the most cost-effective solutions to your potential customers and expand your business ever more globally. 

The service enables everyone to accept Webmoney and most major cryptocurrencies conveniently. However, convenience always comes with a fee. In that case, PayPax offers competitive fees, updated based on mid-market data. Plus, it’s particularly user-friendly and there are no hidden or markup fees. 

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Is it safe to accept Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is considered to be rather a safe cryptocurrency since it is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is mainly safe from attacks. However, since there are so many SHIB scams online, mostly on social media, you need to make sure you buy SHIB from reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, to insure your safety further. 

If you have chosen PayPax as your payment processor, it puts the safety of your funds in priority. PayPax team is alert 24/7 and will notify you in case of any suspicious login or purchase from your account, however, it’s still your responsibility to secure your personal account and wallet information.

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What you need to accept Shiba Inu

Accepting Shiba Inu as a business on your own will make it necessary for you to create an e-wallet and receive SHIB payments by giving your wallet address to your customers. However, this process is very much time-consuming and considering the aforementioned security issues it’s neither to your benefit nor your customers to do as such. 

Instead you can get help from an online payment processor, which is much more convenient, cost-effective and guarantees your safety at the same time too. PayPax is a leading option. Using PayPax, you can sell your products and services online using various cryptocurrencies and accept Shiba Inu payments on your website. 

Another advantage of PayPax is that once you create a free PayPax account which won’t take you more than a few minutes,  you will automatically be given an e-wallet which is free to use and hold cryptocurrencies on. When a customer pays you, PayPax converts it to your desired form of e-money or cryptocurrency including SHIB, as easy as possible. Plus, PayPax eliminates all intermediaries and third-parties and lets you enjoy having international customers from all around the world seamlessly. 

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