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Accept XRP as a business: How to get paid in Ripple on your website?

Today’s fast-paced world requires everything to speed up. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible that you run an online business (or any business generally) without having at least one or two alternative methods for conventional and often time-consuming bank transfers. Cryptocurrencies are a safe option for those who aim to speed up their business conveniently. Businesses accept XRP for a number of reasons among which the most important is that Ripple works directly with banks.

Accept XRP as a business: How to get paid in Ripple on your website?
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Crypto payments will give your brand a young and techy identity who care about the convenience of its customers. One of the most popular options in the world of digital assets is Ripple (XRP). There are also other reasons why you should accept Ripple as a business which we will discuss in this article. 

Why do I need to accept XRP?

Many businesses accept crypto payments simply because of the convenience they bring about. Now there are a pile of reasons why XRP payments can be beneficial for your business and boost your sales significantly. The first and foremost is the high speed of Ripple transactions. The platform is extremely fast. Transactions occur in less than 5 seconds. In other words, your customers will get to pay you by using Ripple in their payments. Plus, Ripple can work directly with banks, thus, they won't need to use intermediaries to transfer their money from their bank account. 

That being said, if you accept XRP payments it can significantly help you improve your business and boost your sales since the convenience and speed with Ripple payments are seamless compared to other currencies. Plus, they can easily buy or sell Ripple on almost all reputable platforms

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How to accept Ripple payments as a business?

Not only individuals and small businesses but also large companies can accept Ripple payments and that is because the transaction fees on the Ripple network is just 0.00001 XRP, which is a very small fraction compared to fees on other networks. What’s more is that Ripple is a low-cost way for making payments and a good option for investment due to the potential of growth in Ripple price

One way to accept XRP payments is to do it all on your own. This way, however, could be problematic and very much time consuming for those who care about the rapid deployment of the process. 

Nonetheless, those who want the process to be done rapidly and developed businesses who wish to accept Ripple payments may get help from specialized providers to facilitate this process by offering them an online payment gateway

An online payment gateway is a decentralized payment platform which allows content creators to accept XRP payments, and clients to pay using Ripple directly without having to deal with it on their own.

Accept XRP on your website and online shop

With all the reasons that were provided for you, you might now be thinking about how to accept XRP payments on your website. To accept XRP payment on your website and online shop you need to take a few simple steps. The first and foremost is to choose your payment provider wisely. By choosing your payment provider, you are halfway gone towards your financial goals. Next, all you need to do is integrate your desired payment methods and bring them to your website or online shop. 

Our recommended provider is PayPax. PayPax is a leading payment provider and crypto payment solution that will let your customers pay you in more than 150 cryptocurrencies and digital money including Ripple. 

PayPax offers API, instant payments as well as 24/7 customer support desk for you to easily integrate your payment methods, bring the most cost-effective solutions to your potential customers and expand your business ever more globally

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Is it safe to accept Ripple?

Despite the speed and convenience with crypto payments, there are risks involved with them that might not exist in traditional methods. For the same reason, many people still avoid using crypto payouts even though they are aware of the benefits. One of the risks involved with crypto payments is the price volatility that almost exists with all types of cryptocurrencies. The other and perhaps more concerning issue is that cryptocurrencies are not backed or supported by any institution or regulatory force and thus their security stands in a lower position than bank transfers. 

However, choosing a payment provider can lower the risk of cybersecurity issues to a high extent. PayPax will prioritize your security and won’t share any of your data without your prior permission.  Nonetheless, it is also your responsibility to take care of your funds by keeping your data private. 

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What you need to accept XRP

In order to accept Ripple as a business you will need to create an official Ripple wallet. Each crypto wallet comes with a digital address which can be shared with other users to send you funds in XRP, but you need to consider the fact that it can not be brought to your website directly and will bring about lots of troubles for customers who have technophobia or are not fluent in working with digital and e-commerce platforms. 

However , a more simple and effective way is to get help from a payment provider. As mentioned before, PayPax can facilitate the process and bring you the convenience you need. Plus, with PayPax you no longer need to build an official XRP wallet and you can get rid of all difficulties involved. 

PayPax is a low-cost and effective solution that will engage your customers to visit your online shop over and over again. Additionally, the variety of payment methods offered by PayPax will not make any of your customers leave your website frustrated. PayPax will be both to you and your customers’ benefit. Sign up now and accept Ripple or any other type of cryptocurrency easily. 

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