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What are the advantages of paying with Bitcoin? 5 reasons why you should start paying with BTC

Paying with Bitcoin is very trendy these days as Bitcoin is competing with and gaining the popularity of fiat currency. More than that, Bitcoin is becoming more and more globally accepted each day to become an everyday medium of exchange. With more than 15,174 businesses around the world welcoming Bitcoin, now there are many people who want to start paying with this popular asset. But the big question is how?

What are the advantages of paying with Bitcoin? 5 reasons why you should start paying with BTC
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Paying with Bitcoin can not only benefit you as a customer, but also for those who run an online business, it can be extremely beneficial to accept Bitcoin payments. This article is aimed to tell you all about all the reasons why you should consider paying with Bitcoin and the advantages it has for you whether as an individual or a business.

Is paying with Bitcoin beneficial?

Bitcoin has become a widely accepted and versatile crypto asset in recent years and that is because of the fact that a great number of online businesses have started taking Bitcoin payments for granted. This and a number of other factors are the reason why many people have openly welcomed Bitcoin pay-in and pay-outs. Below we will count some of the most major advantages that come along when paying with Bitcoin. 

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Advantages of paying with Bitcoin 

There are many advantages mentioned for paying with Bitcoin, which we will briefly discuss a some of them here: 

1. Security 

Bitcoin and basically all crypto assets offer a high level of security simply because they are not backed or supported by any third-party or banks. What’s more is that with Bitcoin and other crypto assets, there comes a private key that is virtually impossible to hack which makes it harder for fraudsters to create fake transactions or wallets. 

2. Anonymity

Unlike conventional payment methods and bank transfers which will require you to provide personal data and account information, paying with Bitcoin and other crypto assets does not need you to do so. When paying with Bitcoin, no amount of personal information is exchanged, only the user’s digital signature which is their wallet address and is basically untrackable. 

3. Accessibility 

One major benefit of Bitcoin is that it is largely accepted everywhere and is very versatile. Since it only takes a few minutes to transfer Bitcoin to another user or pay with Bitcoin, it is many user’s top choice for buying goods and services from the list of places accepting it. The price of Bitcoin is volatile but has tremendously hiked in recent years.

4.Transaction fees 

Paying with Bitcoin can also be financially rewarding. Compared to traditional payment methods, paying with Bitcoin doesn’t take a huge percentage of your payments. You just need to pay a small fee for your payment to get processed by the network. Most bitcoin transactions cost between zero and one percent, whereas the average credit card transaction fee is between 1.5 and 3.5 percent. That is why many users prefer to buy Bitcoin and use it for their payments.

How can you start paying with Bitcoin?

Want to start paying with Bitcoin but don’t know how? Paying with Bitcoin is easy at those shops and businesses who accept crypto payments. However, whether as a business or a customer, it is important for you to choose a reliable platform for your online and crypto payouts. 

Businesses who want their customers to be able to pay with Bitcoin, can get help from specialized providers to facilitate this process by offering them a cryptocurrency payment gateway, known as a BTC payment gateway. An online payment gateway is a decentralized payment platform which allows clients to be able to pay in BTC

A payment provider will facilitate the process and eliminate the obstacles of doing it on your own. Sign up on PayPax now and receive your specialized instant API, enjoy the variety of payment methods and expand your potential customers globally. 

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