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What is a paypal invoice and how does it work? Details explained

PayPal is a powerful payment processor that is used by users to transfer money and make payments through an invoicing system. It even offers a software that is utilized specifically for invoicing to bring its users more convenience. However, many PayPal users have problems finding, creating and managing their PayPal invoices.

What is a paypal invoice and how does it work? Details explained
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In today’s post, we will tell you all the details about PayPal invoicing system and PayPal invoices, where to find them, how to create one, where to pay for them and lots of other useful details about the system.

What is a PayPal invoice? 

As you may already know, an invoice is a piece of paper (a document) that is sent to a buyer by the seller to collect payment. Now a PayPal invoice is an invoice sent by PayPal via the PayPal platform to its users in order to inform them and request for a payment. 

Now you might wonder how you can create a PayPal invoice. There are invoice templates available on PayPal which you can use (by changing some primary information) to send people and ask them to send you money. They will receive your PayPal invoice through their email and can pay for it using PayPal. 

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How do PayPal invoices work?

The invoice sent by PayPal contains a link, by clicking on which, you or the person you are sending the invoice to (the buyer) can make a payment. You or your customer can review the details of the invoice details and then pay it using several methods like a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or PayPal Credit.

Your PayPal invoices are also manageable through the platform. You can visit and review the status of your invoices and manually change or record them through the PayPal Website or PayPal Business mobile app.

Sending or receiving PayPal invoices won’t charge you any fees. You only have to pay a standard PayPal fee when making a payment by PayPal (paying for an invoice). 

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Are PayPal invoices safe?

There are basically two ways to ask a person (a buyer or customer) to send you money. One is by giving them your PayPal address, which is basically the email address you use to create an account on PayPal. This way however, will not bring you much security since it gives the scammers the opportunity to hack your account using your email address. 

The second way which comes with much higher security is by sending them an invoice and requesting for a payment. PayPal invoices are considered pretty much safe compared to the other option since they block all possible  ways for scammers and fraudsters by not sharing your full financial information with sellers.

How to send an invoice on PayPal?

If you want to send an invoice on PayPal but don't know how follow the following simple instructions to send a PayPal invoice in less than a few minutes:

1. In order to send a PayPal invoice, first log into your PayPal Business account. 

2. Click Tools at the top of the page, and then click “Invoicing”.

paypal invoice

3. Next, click “Create Invoice”. 

send paypal invoice


4. Add your recipient’s email address

paypal invoice

5. If you want to add a name or shipping address, click “Add customer details”. 

paypal invoice

6. Enter the rest of the information and click “Send”.  

paypal invoice

How can I pay for a PayPal invoice?

So you have received a PayPal invoice form a person you want to send money to and want to pay for it but don’t know how. Follow the procedures below to pay for a PayPal invoice easily:

1. Check your email and open the message you have received from Paypal. 

2. Once you open the email click on the “View and pay invoice” option on the bottom.

pay paypal invoice

3. Review the invoice details carefully.

4. Finally click “Pay now” to pay your PayPal invoice.

paypal invoice

You can also see your invoice status and manage them from the top menu of your PayPal personal account and the invoicing section. 

manage paypal invoice

How long does it take for a PayPal invoice to be paid?

Basically PayPal invoice payment depends on when the person reviews the invoice and proceeds to make your payment, but once the person makes the payment on PayPal you’ll receive it in your account within an hour

If you want to inform the person that their PayPal invoice has been paid, you can send them the receipt in an email. 

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Can I cancel a PayPal invoice?

If you have sent a PayPal invoice to someone and want to cancel it but don’t know how, don’t worry, here is how you can do so: 

  1. First, click “Manage PayPal Invoices” from the top menu of your PayPal account.
  2. Select your desired invoice on the grid. 
  3. Click “Cancel Invoice”.
  4. Choose the reason for canceling your invoice. 
  5. Click “Cancel Invoice”. The customer will be sent an email about the cancellation.

What happens if you don’t pay for a PayPal invoice? 

If you have received the product or service in advance and refuse to pay for the PayPal invoice, the company or freelancer that has invoiced you, can take legal action to charge your PayPal account without your permission and close your PayPal account consequently, unless you have withdrawn all your money from your account beforehand


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