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All about PayPax ID card: Functions and use

An ID card is a document that proves your identity and is required for security assurance. Similarly, a PayPax ID card is an option provided by the system to guarantee your security and provide you with further details regarding your account data.

All about PayPax ID card: Functions and use
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

For those using PayPax as an online payment gateway to bring to their online business, a PayPax ID card is a means to further prove their faithfulness and reliability to their customers and build overall higher trust. 

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about your PayPax ID card, its features and use. 

What is a PayPax ID card?

Just like any other ID card aiming to prove one’s identity and reliability, a PayPax ID card is another feature provided by PayPax for its users to be able to prove their identity to other users of the system as well as their customers

This virtual card is available on your dashboard once you create an account on PayPax. Both verified and unverified accounts will be able to see and use this feature on their dashboard by scrolling the page down to the bottom. 

paypax ID card

Information and details

Looking carefully at the information provided on a PayPax ID card, you can see several fields. 

Referral link

From the top to bottom, the first field shows the link to your PayPax account.You can bring this link to your online marketplace for your customers to be able to reach you easily and with merely nothing but a click. This can also be done by scanning the QR code on the bottom right of your ID card. 

This link can also be used for customers who want to sign up, use the system or make money with PayPax on your recommendation. You’ll then receive a 30% referral bonus for each customer who signs up through your link. 

Verification mark

You can verify your account by sending your document consisting of  a personal image or a business logo if you are signing up on behalf of a company , a billing document which proves your address and a valid ID card. Having done so, a green mark will appear above your ID card as shown below. 

paypax ID card 2

Type of account

On the top right of your ID card you can see the type of your account. Depending on your previous choice, you can own a business or personal account

Owning a business account will enable you to obtain a payment gateway for your online business. Also, a business account will have lower limitations regarding the amount and number of transactions. 

Send money button

On the center, you can see the send money button. By clicking on this button you’ll be automatically redirected to a form, through which you can send money (USD) to other users of the system by entering their PayPax ID or an email address used within the system. The maximum transfer amount for this system is $20,000 per day. 

Personal information 

The other fields are your personal information including your ID, birth date, registration date and gender. You can customize your information by choosing to hide the ones that are personal and you don’t want others to see. This option is available on top of your dashboard.

Trust level (TL)

Trust (TL) is a rate that is affected by your transaction history. The more money you transfer,the higher will be your TL and the stars you receive on your card which shows your validity to other users and consequently lowers the risk of fraud on your behalf, making you a trustable choice to your customers as well as other users. 

Where can a PayPax ID card be used?

A PayPax ID card can be used both to be brought to an online marketplace using the referral link and to be given to other users who want to sign up to the system on your recommendation. You’ll receive a 30% referral bonus for each customer who signs up through your link. 

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