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An introduction to different types of WebMoney Passports and their function

Doing remote business and negotiating settlements between users of WebMoney Transfer System has always been an issue of concern. This mostly happens as a result of the fact that parties often do not know each other and can not meet in person. Not surprisingly, in the very beginning of the process trust issues happen inevitably. Is it safe to transfer funds? Is the recipient a fraudster? And who is the mysterious person hiding behind the twelve digits of WMID? In all of these and many other questions the WebMoney Passport service will help.

An introduction to different types of WebMoney Passports and their function
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What is a WebMoney Passport?

WebMoney passport is a digital identification document, certified with a signature sample of WebMoney transfer System user, containing the owner’s personal data including Last, First and Middle name, passport and contact information. A WebMoney passport is a confirmation for the holder to be recognized as a real person. There are different kinds of  Webmoney passports, depending on the verification method of the information provided by the System user. The higher the WM-passport status, the higher the trust it receives from other System users. As a result, higher WM-Passport provides more features offered by WebMoney Transfer System.


Each WebMoney Transfer system member must have a WM Passport.

A WebMoney Transfer member may obtain a WM passport of any of the following types depending on their verification method:

Alias passport

An Alias passport is offered to every Webmoney Transfer member automatically upon registering in the system for free. Alias passport holders can make transfers within the WebMoney system to fully identified members of the system, perform payments for services and internet shopping resources that accept WM and pay for mobile communication services with the following limits. Note that Members of the System owning Alias passport who manage their purses using WM Keeper WinPro or WM Keeper WebPro, can not transfer funds: in that case it is recommended to obtain a Formal passport. 

Formal passport

After a System user specifies passport data, a formal passport is given to them by WebMoney passport service. In some cases the applicant may be asked to provide a PhotoID or VideoID for verification. Formal WM passport holders are able to make transfers to the purses of any system participants, withdraw funds using bank card or payment and money transfer provider and use service of payments acceptance Merchant WebMoney Transfer but in limited mode. Financial restrictions are set for For Formal WM-Passport holders with WM Keeper Standard or WM Keeper Mobile. 

Initial passport

Holders of the formal WM passport are issued to have an initial WM passport which allows them to automate funds acceptance from customers using the Merchant WebMoney Transfer service, withdraw WMZ funds to bank cards received via the cards and participate in Capitaller (access to the operating budget automation tool). 

Personal passport

A personal passport is the main WebMoney Transfer passport. Each Transfer member who has received a formal or initial passport can obtain a personal passport. Both the passport cost and passport issuance conditions depend on the chosen Registar. A personal passport holder can participate in Credit Exchange operations, automate funds acceptance from customers using Merchant WebMoney Transfer service and apply for Internet resources registration in any Megastock directory sections.

types of WebMoney Passports

Advantages of obtaining a WebMoney Passport

By obtaining a WM passport you can lower the limit for withdrawing funds to a bank account, receive and grant loans and increase the confidence in the WMID owner from other members of the System. Also you can obtain increased loans through the Debt service.

What PayPax offers to WebMoney users

As a WebMoney user you may need to exchange WebMoney to other forms of electronic money or cryptocurrencies. For that purpose PayPax will bring you the most convenient platform to exchange webmoney fast and securely. Using your PayPax account you can:

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