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Best freelance translation websites: Top 5 websites for freelance translation jobs

Finding the best freelance translation website might be a little bit challenging for both translators and those who want to use online translation services, since these days there are many options out there that are filled with bilingual people who do translate but do not offer quality work. It is important for both translators and users to find the best freelance translation websites.

Best freelance translation websites: Top 5 websites for freelance translation jobs
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Translation could be a great side hustle if you know a foreign language or two. These days translation is becoming more and more on trend due to globalization. All you need to do is a little bit of research to find the best platform for sharing your freelance skills and earn good money in return. This could also be a great side hustle to earn a little extra money beside your regular job’s income.

How can beginners start freelance translation? 

Translation is one of the best freelance jobs in the world for beginners who want to start freelancing but have not spent much time on acquiring specific freelance skills, since translation is basically involved with language and many people already have it. There is of course equipment that will help you in this way, such as dictionaries and translating robots. However, basic knowledge of the language up to C1 level is required for being a successful translator.  

As a newcomer to freelance translation, companies will require you to do translation in bulk and that will require you to free up a noticeable amount of your time. You can start by exploring online translation websites that offer great translation projects for you to work on. Below are a number of best freelance translation websites that you can try on for free and start your job as a freelance translator. 

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5 best freelance translation websites

Below we have gathered a comprehensive list of freelance translation websites that will come in handy whether you want to be a freelance translator or have your job done by them: 

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1. Gengo

Gengo is one of the most popular online agencies for freelance translation. If you have relevant experience in ad, SEO content, product  description and travel review translation, Gengo is full of new and exciting opportunities for you. Gengo is not only one of the best freelance translation websites, but also provides free tutorials and educational resources for freelance translators who are in the beginning years of their career. 

2. Blend

If you are a technophile or uninterested in IT and computer software subjects, Blend is a good option for you to start your freelance translation job in the field. What Blend does is connect you to some of the biggest names and brands in the world of technology and software and bring you job opportunities as a freelance translator who works with the biggest and most potential names and companies in the niche. 

3. Unbabel

Unbabel is a freelance translation website that will  surprise you with its existing features. For first, signing up on the website has its own challenges. Whether you want to be a translator or an editor, a complete set of verifications are required in order for your account to be approved. Second, unlike other platforms, the content provided on this website is super easy (which might be both an advantage and a disadvantage) and the website pays you per hour not per word (which again comes with its own benefits and drawbacks). 

4. ProZ

ProZ is a freelance translation website that aims to get  people and translators acquainted with translation projects with the aim to empower the language industry and those who are a pro in it all around the world. Singing up on the platform is completely free, and depending on the quality of your work, you’ll receive a star on your profile which indicates the level you are working at and give other people the reason to hire you for their job. 

5. TranslatorsCafe

TranslatorsCafe is pretty much the same as ProZ but with the difference that its community is smaller and has less members. Instead it might give you a friendlier vibe and more family feelings. What’s more is it gives translators the opportunity to be able to find and communicate with each other plus lots of informative and practical resources for those who want to start freelance translation. 

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Which Translate website is best?

Deciding on the best freelance translation website is a pretty personal thing to do depending on the level of your expertise as a translator and your expectations of your freelance translation job. Most freelance websites will pay you on demand (after project approval) and their payouts start from unbelievably low to pretty good, depending on the language pair and perhaps some other factors.

However, a website like Unbabel is better for beginners since the content provided on the website is super easy. For those with more relevant experience who want to work in a more professional context, a website like ProZ will definitely do better. 

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