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What is Move to Earn in crypto? Best Move to Earn cryptos and games

Keeping fit is every person’s goal these days. Now imagine you could exercise and get rewarded at the same time. Yes, it does sound far-fetched and yes, it's for real. Move-to-earn is a relatively new niche in the crypto market but is growing daily. With move-to-earn crypto apps, you can have crypto income and stay fit at the same time. Follow the rest of this article to learn how.

What is Move to Earn in crypto? Best Move to Earn cryptos and games
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Move-to-Earn rewards participants after performing their favorite physical exercises, like walking, jogging, and running. While Play-to-Earn rewards players for playing and winning games, move-to-earn rewards them with crypto income for completing physical exercise. This article will review the top move to earn cryptocurrency projects to invest in and gives you a detailed analysis of the top choices.

What is Move to Earn in crypto?

In cryptocurrency, move to earn is the concept of getting paid by crypto assets or tokens in reward for staying fit. There are several crypto move-to-earn games that will reward you for staying in shape. This way you can keep your body in shape and earn extra revenue both at the same time. 

Move-to-earn crypto games and applications are very trendy in the digital and web 3 world, since nowadays excessive care is being applied on the fitness and quality of living both by people and the governments. What’s better than being able to stay healthy and earning crypto tokens both at the same time. 

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How does Move to Earn work? 

These move-to-earn crypto apps hire a GPS that is used to track your moments, steps, hours of sleep, heart beat, and weight. Some of these applications will require you to make an initial investment while others are completely free to use. 

However, there is a limit for the number of users who can join the apps and earn cryptos by staying in shape. With the emergence of web 3 and popularity of cryptocurrencies, fitness applications boomed to the next level and as a consequent, people are living a much healthier lifestyle. 

Best Move to Earn Crypto Game Apps

There are several famous and popular crypto move-to-earn apps. Here is an overview of some of the best and most popular move-to-earn crypto game apps: 


Tamadoge is one of the best and most famous crypto play-to-earn apps in the market. TAMA is thenative cryptocurrency of the game that can be used for buying the in-game Tamadoge pets and NFTs that represent a unique virtual dog. Other virtual items of the game are also available to buy with TAMA. On a monthly leaderboard, players can use these NFTs to compete for TAMA.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a quite recent crypto move-to-earn app that offers in-game rewards to its users in reward for playing and exercising. Users can find some of the best NFTs to buy on this ecosystem, leveraging them to participate in competitions and build their own 3D characters


STEPN is undoubtedly the most famous crypto move-to-earn game. There are workouts on the game which you can get rewarded by completing. Various activities like walking, cycling, running, and many more are available on the app, so you can choose your favorite among them and start earning crypto and GST (Green Satoshi Token) in the app for performing them. 

Step App

Step App is inspired by STEPN in design and function. This app might be a little bit more extortionate than the others since you need to buy upgradeable sneakers to earn rewards. KCAL is Step App’s utility and reward token. Using Step App you can turn your fitness goal into income and enjoy friendly competitions with your friends or new people. There are also different tournaments which you can enter and earn rewards instead. 


This game will give you a pet which you will need to take care of and breed until growing. There are some tasks to be done on a regular daily basis by completing which, you’ll get rewarded by the game’s token. There are two kinds of tokens in this game; the GENE token which is utilized for the governance of the platform, and the KL token that  is used as the rewarding token for the users.

Are Move to Earn projects a Good Investment?

Move to earn crypto games are in their early stages of development, so they are not considered a highly secure and non-risk investment. Meanwhile, with all the risks involved, there are also high rewards in this niche and that is why many people will readily take the risks and invest in the niche. Additinlay, some of the best M2E projects offer cryptocurrencies at their best price

For instance, Tamadoge is one of the cheapest crypto moves to earn assets in the market, rewarding its investors with x3 profits. However, this may not well suit investors with low risk-taking appetites. 


In this article we went through and discussed some of the best crypto move-to-earn apps. With the provided list, you should now be able to choose the application that best suits your fitness goals and desires. These apps are not only beneficial for your health, but also match the needs of your pockets. 

Whichever of them you have chosen to stay in shape and earn crypto income, you’ll need a reliable platform to hold your assets in or exchange them for other crypto assets you’ll need on the game. You can also find the latest cryptocurrency price to find the cheapest and most cost-effective asset to make an initial investment in the game or app you have chosen. Find these and a bunch of other opportunities on PayPax and enjoy seamless speed and convenience

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