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Best websites for Freelance Graphic Design: Top 5 websites for freelance design beginners

Freelance graphic design is one of the most high-paying and popular jobs. If you are into graphic design or have a little pinch of artistic taste inside, you can easily make good money freelancing as a designer. As a freelance designer, it can be partially overwhelming to find clients or even a platform to find them on.

Best websites for Freelance Graphic Design: Top 5 websites for freelance design beginners
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You might as well have your working opportunities already, but looking for better freelance job opportunities is always important inorder to increase your income as a freelancer.

Here are 5 high paying websites for freelance graphic design which you can use for free no matter if you are a new entry or a veteran. 

Top 5 websites for Freelance graphic designers

Graphic design is one of the best freelance jobs in the world. If you have also chosen to become a freelance graphic designer, here are 5 top websites that can help you get started for free, even if you are a total beginner:

99 Designs

99 Designs is a graphic design platform which provides more than 90 design services to freelancers including logo design, business card design, web development, mobile app design and other design jobs. Joining the service is free and the platform later rates your work from a new-entry to a pro designer. The higher your level, the higher your chances for getting hired or using extra features of the website.


This is one the world’s largest online graphic design platforms. DesignHill is a bridge between the design community and its potential clients, therefore providing a chance for them to find the best job opportunities. The platform also runs graphic design contests for designers to be able to showcase their talents and win a contest and for clients to be able to recognize and request for them. 


This one is also among the most popular freelance graphic design websites but for professionals in the niche. The motto of the website is Search (Discover), Live, and Jobs, meaning that you can search for jobs on the platform and use the work of others as an inspiration when needed. The platform also has a wide user interface which makes it easier for users to promote their work and find potential clients.


DesignCrowd is a full-fledged freelance marketplace for those companies in search of options. This is also another platform that hosts contests and lets freelance designers find their potential clients and get their best suited job. In addition, the website provides means of designing logos, web designs, etc. 


Dribble is one of the most famous graphic design platforms with lots of job opportunities for freelance graphic designs all around the world. If you are searching for relevant projects ranging from graphic design, logo design to product design, fill in your profile, you are good to go. Building a good portfolio will help you get better job opportunities on the website. 

websites for freelance graphic design

Websites for freelance graphic design beginners

Probably it must have been tough for you to start freelance graphic design as a beginner. Hopefully, it is not as hard as you think. Most of the websites above offer free services for freelance graphic designers to get started. However, there are some platforms like Behance that are better suited for professional designers. Nonetheless, keep in mind that if you are creative enough there is still room for you to pass the levels of progress sooner than you have estimated it to take. Websites like 99 Designs are free to join and get started. Overall if you go through the list, you’ll definitely find the option which is best suited to your freelance conditions. 

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