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How to buy a VPN with Bitcoin?

VPNs have become increasingly popular these days with the spread of online threats and cybersecurity attacks. It could almost be said that VPNs are essential tools for living a secure online life. For buying a VPN, what’s better than something as easily accessible and anonymous as cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin, the world’s largest and most famous crypto asset. This article will tell you all you need to know for being able to buy a VPN with Bitcoin.

How to buy a VPN with Bitcoin?
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VPNs are created for your privacy, true, but to take this privacy one step further, it is recommended to pay for your VPN using Bitcoin. By buying a VPN with Bitcoin, you won’t have to share any of your private or personal data such as credit card or bank account details, instead, you’ll be paying for the service anonymously. What’s more is that Bitcoin itself can also be bought using no identification.

Why use Bitcoin to buy a VPN?

Most major VPN providers accept digital payment methods including cryptocurrencies and PayPal. This is in fact an act towards protecting your privacy more than how it was with the normal case, leading you towards your ultimate goal of protecting your identity.

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payments are normally anonymous and untraceable since they are not backed by any government or higher force and that is also one of the primary reasons why many use them. What’s more is, you can buy cryptocurrencies without the need for an identification process and this doubles the level of enhanced privacy and security when buying a VPN. For example, you can buy Bitcoin without verification and then use it to buy any VPN you like. 

Top 4 VPNs to Buy with Bitcoin

Here is a list of top 4 VPNs that you can buy with Bitcoin based on the factors of speedsecurity, and user-friendliness.


Express VPN is one of the most famous VPNs that has almost no restrictions. Accepting some of the most major crypto assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, and more, ExpressVPN is prime for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. This is not a new option for ExpressVPN and it has been accepting cryptocurrencies since 2014. Express also has a windows version supporting Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and some WiFi routers. 


Like other best VPNs to buy with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, NordVPN is a Feature-rich and user-friendly no-logs VPN that accepts Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP. NordVPN also has a smart feature that hires smart DNS technologies to let you stream geo-blocked content seamlessly, without any manual configuration.


CyberGhost is a simple and affordable VPN that accepts Bitcoin payments. Unfortunately, it does  not accept other cryptocurrencies at the moment, but the large and user-friendly interface it has makes it a suitable option for beginners.  Fast server speeds, strong privacy features and the ability to retain anonymity plus a smooth smartDNS that will help streaming on different services. 


Surfshark accepts XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. This is also one of the major benefits and the thing that differentiates this and other VPNs in the market. SurfShark VPN also includes an automatic kill switch and some extra features, like bundling the CleanWeb ad-block feature for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers

How to choose the best VPN to buy with Bitcoin?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a good VPN to buy with Bitcoin. The first and foremost factor when choosing a VPN to buy with Bitcoin is the level of security it offers, meaning that it should not keep any records of your personal information, online activities, and transactions.

Also a good VPN should be speedy as well. High security should not be an obstacle for the speed and fast development of your VPN. 

Let’s not forget that the VPN you use must be easy to use and install as well. Customer support and price are also other important factors to look for in your bought with crypto VPN. 

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How can I buy a VPN with Bitcoin?

If you want to buy a VPN with Bitcoin first you need to buy Bitcoin at its best price and then use it to buy your desired top VPN. For buying either of the above VPNs, or any other VPN, you need to visit their official website and then buy your desired service using Bitcoin.

PayPax will help you find the best BTC price and then easily buy and store it in your e-wallet and next use it to easily pay for your favorite VPN service. 

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