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How to buy cryptocurrency with Payeer? Which crypto exchangers accept Payeer?

Payeer is an e-wallet, designed for cryptocurrency and fiat transactions, with a built-in payment exchange, accepting most major services like PayPal, Visa and Mastercard. If you are Payeer users and you want to buy crypto with Payeer you can use PayPax online exchange services.

How to buy cryptocurrency with Payeer? Which crypto exchangers accept Payeer?
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

Payeer operates in more than 200 countries worldwide and that is the reason why it is popular and accessible for almost everyone in the world. Payeer allows users to shop online or receive money almost instantly without using bank account details. Additionally, Payeer users are given a wallet that can be used for storing  various digital and crypto-assets. As a leading financial option, PayPax enables its users to exchange Payeer to crypto instantly. In this article, we will tell you all about the ways you can buy cryptocurrency with Payeer and the best platform for doing so. So if you want to buy crypto and you are seeking for an online exchanger that accepts Payeer, stay tuned.

Exchange Payeer to crypto instantly

There are a hefty number of sophisticated reasons why many people choose Payeer as a medium of exchange or for their money transfers. The first and foremost is its availability. Being active in more than 200 countries worldwide, Payeer acts as an alternative for conventional methods, bank transfers and services with high limitations in certain regions like PayPal.

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Payeer offers a number of currencies and numerous trading pairs that are commonly used across the crypto market. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular each day. The growth in cryptocurrency price as well as its supply and demand has made them an ideal option for daily medium of transfer and exchange. That being said, when you exchange Payeer to crypto, you will have the opportunity to transfer your funds via a very secure network without much information needed. In addition, you can hold on to cryptocurrencies as an investment. It is volatile, true, but the surge that the crypto market has seen over years is not something to forget. 

payeer to crypto

Which crypto exchangers accept Payeer?

Many crypto exchangers accept Payeer and other cryptocurrencies simply because they are highly in demand and that is directly attributed to their accessibility. Anyone can easily make crypto payments in a matter of seconds, regardless of where they are located, using merely nothing but a mobile phone or personal computer and for the same reason lots of big corporations as well as small businesses have started accepting digital payments as their first and foremost payment method. 

Along with thousands of big names in the market and as a leading financial service, PayPax offers Payeer related services and enables its users to exchange payeer to most major cryptocurrencies of the world.

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Payeer to cryptocurrency instant online exchange

The checklist to get started and exchange Payeer to cryptocurrency or buy crypto with Payeer is to find the best and most reliable online exchange platform. The most important factor to look for in your payment provider is the convenience and ease in terms of use that is the primary element for a good financial experience

PayPax is a leading financial option and payment solution that is seamless in terms of convenience and fees. PayPax offers competitive exchange rates and transparent fees. That being said, you’ll be able to save money on currency conversions instead of leaking money on poor rates or unreasonably high fees and enjoy exchanging Payeer to crypto instantly and free of hassle. 

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How to buy cryptocurrency with Payeer?

In order to buy cryptocurrency with Payeer, first you need to create an account on PayPax and follow the rest of the steps to buy crypto with Payeer at the best price:

Enter “Auto Exchange” section

1Enter “Auto Exchange” section

In order to exchange Payeer to crypto, you need to choose “Auto Exchange” from the left menu of your user panel.

Choose your desired currency and destination

2Choose your desired currency and destination

Choose Payeer in the first field and your desired cryptocurrency in the second. Below the form you can choose the option “Withdraw to my PayPax account” in order to reduce withdrawal fees and store your funds in your PayPax wallet.

Make the payment in Payeer

3Make the payment in Payeer

Finally, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Payeer payment page on which you need to make the payment in Payeer. Once you are done with the payment, you’ll be sent to the “Final Status” page and your destination wallet will be charged successfully.

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