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How to buy games with crypto? Buy video games with crypto for PC and consoles

For those who are gamers and crypto enthusiasts at the same time, it’s a great opportunity to be able to buy games with crypto. These days you can buy almost everything with crypto, without using your traditional currency. With Bitcoin and altcoins now you are also able to buy games for your PC, PlayStation and Xbox console. Here's how you can use your crypto for gaming.

How to buy games with crypto? Buy video games with crypto for PC and consoles
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Both the crypto and gaming industry have attracted thousands of users worldwide to become multi-billion-dollar markets. The interesting thing is that these two lucrative industries are able to complement each other in a good way to help users have a seamless experience of crypto gamings or even earn money playing games. This guide will tell you all about how to buy games with crypto weather for your PC, PlayStation, Xbox or console.

Gaming platforms you can buy games with crypto on 

Here are some of the most famous and popular platforms that accept crypto payments for buying video games online: 


It’s not far-fetched if we say that Steam is the world’s most popular online gaming platform and the heaven for crypto gamers. Buying a Steam gift card will bring about access to thousands of crypto games which can be run both on your PC, playstation and console. The platform is use-friendly and stylish for you to have a seamless experience of crypto gaming. 



G2A not only sells some of the most popular crypto games in the world but also gaming accessories like keyboards, mice, headphones, and a bunch of other things, but this is not the end. A bunch of other things like subscriptions, gift cards, board games, online gaming courses, and even software for creating video games are also available for purchase on the platform. 



Over 22000 games for ten different platforms are available on Joltfun. Some of these famous platforms are Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation, Origin, and many others which all accept Bitcoin for playing games online. You can also pay directly with your Bitcoin on chain, but this might take a bit longer than the other way. 



This game selling platform is famous for the variety of crypto assets it offers for buying games. You can also buy game keys and other popular softwares like Microsoft Office and Windows and pay with cryptocurrencies instead of the traditional methods. The site also offers lots of sales for you to be able to buy your favorite games at a more favored price than usual. 

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Which crypto is better to buy games with?

 The answer to this question depends directly on the platform you are using to buy games with crypto. Some of these platforms enable you to only pay using Bitcoin. However, there are others which will allow you to pay with various types of cryptocurrencies simply because they hire a multi-currency payment gateway.

However, if you are asking which crypto is better for payments generally, Bitcoin being the most well-known and trusted currency among all is considered a better option for buying games. Plus, with almost all payment platforms offering services for Bitcoin it’s considered the best cryptocurrency for payments. 

How to buy video games with crypto? 

With the list of platforms provided above, you can now easily choose the best platform to buy video games from, but the thing is how you can pay for the games you have chosen. Many of these websites as mentioned before use gateways so that their customers pay them easily with crypto assets.

However, in order to be able to pay at these gateways, first you need to buy crypto and store it in your crypto wallet and then pay straight from your crypto wallet with a select number of gaming companies that accept payments in crypto.

Whether you are an avid gamer who wants to buy games with crypto or a gaming website owner, you can use PayPax to easily pay for games with crypto or bring means of crypto payments to your website for the convenience of your customers. Needless to mention that, the growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies and crypto payments will automatically expand your business and increase the number of your potential customers significantly. 

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