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Crypto in Qatar 2022: Here is everything you need to know

The FIFA world cup is the hot trend these days with billions of people waiting to watch the tournaments which take place in Doha, Qatar on Nov. 20. The world cup is undoubtedly a good chance for footballers to showcase their performance and gain more fame and for people around the world to visit new and exciting places and enjoy watching heart-stopping tournaments between some of the world’s greatest football teams and spend money on their favorite hobbies. Qatar might not be the most crypto-friendly country but still there is room to spend your crypto in world cup Qatar 2022.

Crypto in Qatar 2022: Here is everything you need to know
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Of course spending crypto in Qatar will need some planning and searching for the companies and places that accept crypto payments. This guide will help you find some of the most famous and interesting places where you can spend your crypto in world cup Qatar 2022

Is it possible to use crypto in Qatar?

This is the first question that might pop up in your mind as a FIFA World Cup visitor. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Crypto payments are banned in Qatar and you can not use it explicitly in the country. However, you are still able to pay using crypto during different parts of your trip to Qatar and there are crypto payment providers which can help you on this journey, one of the most popular among them is PayPax. 

PayPax will help you to buy cryptocurrencies at its best price and then use it to buy anything you think will be required in your trip to Qatar. Since crypto transactions are illegal in Qatar, you can turn your crypto holding to the world’s most famous gift cards and take it with you on your trip or save it for later or to send to your family or friends there. 

For more info visit: How to easily buy gift cards with crypto?

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How can I use crypto in World Cup Qatar 2022? 

Qatar isn’t the best place to append your crypto at, but there are ways you can use crypto on your trip to Qatar for the FIFA world cup 2022. PayPax will make this process easier for you to be able to spend your crypto easily and free of hassle in Qatar. Here is how: 

Charter companies

Luckily, with charter companies you can easily use crypto to pay for or book your flight. There are many charter companies that will allow you to use cryptocurrencies and pay for your flight. The good thing is these companies accept payments in crypto directly from your wallet. Some of the biggest names among them are airBaltic, Cielo Aviation, Fast Private Jet , JetFinder, LunaJets, Monarch Air, PrivateFly and a lot more. 

Hotels in Doha 

After a heart-stopping day at Doha, what you need is a comfortable hotel room to chill and spend the night at. On you can find a long list of hotels in Doha, anything from luxury to economical. One way to pay for your hotel in Doha is to pay using Bitcoin, but as mentioned before, Bitcoin payments are banned in Qatar so you need to convert Bitcoin to AED first and then use it to pay for your accommodation

Spending money in Doha 

Once you arrive in Qatar, you’ll need to spend money to pay for eating, shopping or exploring the wonderful sights there. Paying with Bitcoin is always easier than the traditional bank transfers and conventional payment methods. There are still brick and mortar stores or small marketplaces where you can spend your Bitcoin in Qatar. However, to buy Bitcoin in the UAE might be the first controversial issue you face in Qatar. Nonetheless, as mentioned before you can easily do this with the help of PayPax and even buy Bitcoin in return for cash, having only your ID by visiting our business counterparts in Dubai. 


Finding the best solution to use crypto payments in a country that has banned crypto payments like Qatar might be controversial. However, there is a solution to every problem. That is why PayPax is here to help you easily use cryptocurrencies in Qatar and enjoy a seamless trip to watch the world’s most important sport event. 

PayPax offers the most cost-effective fees to help you cut the edges on your expenses and save a little bit more on this already extortionate trip. PayPax is easy to use and also contains advanced tools so that traders can optimize their strategies. Enjoy your trip to World Cup Qatar 2022 with PayPax. 

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