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How to delete a PayPal account? Step by step photo guide to closing a PayPal account

PayPal has different types of accounts for both individuals and businesses worldwide. All types of PayPal accounts are extremely popular among users and have become many users' first choice simply because of their convenience and large user interface. Among the number of services that PayPal offers to its users are sending and receiving money abroad, paying for goods and services or as a payment method to be brought to an online marketplace or webstore.

How to delete a PayPal account? Step by step photo guide to closing a PayPal account
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However, users might not need their PayPal account after a while for whatever reason. Closing a PayPal account is a simple and hassle-free process that is done in a matter of minutes. If for whatever reason you have decided to delete a PayPal account, follow the rest of this article to find out about the easiest way for doing so. 

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Things to check before you delete a PayPal account 

The most important thing you know before you delete a PayPal account is to consider the fact that once you close a PayPal account, your account will be permanently gone and thus, everything will become inaccessible. Consequently, it is important to consider taking some actions before starting the deletion process. Here is what you need to do before closing a PayPal account:

  • Pay off your balance: any pending payment or unresolved issue must be solved before you initiate to close a PayPal account. You may even need to contact the support service to resolve issues associated with your account that you are unable to solve your own. 
  • Withdraw your funds: as mentioned before, once you close a PayPal account all funds will be inaccessible, thus, PayPal wont let you close your account if you have money in it. Before starting to delete a PayPal account, make sure to transfer all your funds to your bank account or any other account that you are using for financial purposes. 
  • Make a backup of your transaction history: as repeatedly mentioned before, your account and all its data will be fully inaccessible once you delete a PayPal account. Your transaction history might be of great use for your financial purposes. Therefore, make sure to make a copy and keep record of your transactions by taking a snapshot or printout in case you need it in the future. 

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How to close a PayPal account? 

In order to delete a PayPal account, you need to take a few simple steps that are done in a matter of seconds and free of hassle: 

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Step 1

As like any other action that you have decided to do using your PayPal account, deleting a PayPal account will also require you to visit the website and login to your account first. 

delete a paypal account

Step 2

Once you have signed in, click on the “Gear icon” on the top right of your account to access the setting menu. 

close a paypal account

Step 3

A box named “Account options” will appear on which you should choose the “Close your account” option from the bottom left of the option box.

delete your paypal account

Step 4

On this step, you will have to finalize your request by checking the certainty of your decision to close your PayPal account. By clicking “Close Account” your PayPal account will be successfully deleted and permanently gone. 

closing a paypal account

What will happen after you delete a PayPal account? 

Deleting an account is obviously different from deactivating it. By deactivating an account, you’ll have the opportunity to retrieve it once more whenever you feel the need to. Whereas, deleting an account will not give you such permission. Once you close a PayPal account it will be permanently gone and you are no longer able to access your funds, your account info, transaction history and basically anything involved with your account. You also won't be able to retrieve your PayPal account once it’s deleted or closed

In case you wanted to create a new PayPal account, you are allowed to use the previous email address, but the information involved with your account will not be retrieved either way. 

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