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Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin in products close by the Merge

The upcoming Ethereum Merge is what many believe will bring about a shining bright future for the crypto market. Recently the Merge has caused a surge in Ethereum investment products and trading volume. This is while the world’s most famous and popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin has plummeted in its products.

Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin in products close by the Merge
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With the boom that happened in the crypto market in recent years, the value of the market is increasing more than this point last year and people have piled their money into cryptocurrencies all the more. Ethereum is of course no exception.  

The Ethereum ecosystem saw the same surge with its investment products increasing by 2.36% to $6.81 billion in assets under management (AUM) throughout August, surpassing the most major crypto asset like Bitcoin which saw a 7.16% drop off in products to $17.4 billion

The Merge, Ethereum’s upcoming update, had long been estimated to shake up the price of Ethereum for good. Now the big crypto event has caused a surge in ETH products which can be a sign for those who have been waiting for so long to proofread the Merge. 

Many crypto experts still believe that the update will boost the price of Ethereum significantly. Nonetheless, investors are advised to stick around their current holdings instead of benefiting from a price jump right away. 

Meanwhile the promising future and events for the ethereum ecosystem, world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is not doing as good, with crypto investors’ interest moving away from Bitcoin in the short-term according to experts. Instead they are turning to Ethereum-based products with the Merge being the center of attention and rising in products all the more. 

Amid the recent bear market, many famous institutions have also launched crypto investment products and traded more than it was expected. All that being said, we could expect the crypto market to shine once again with the big launch of the Merge in late September


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