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Exchange Bitcoin to AED | Step by step guide to converting BTC to Dirham easily

The United Arab Emirates has become one of the most important tourist-attracting hubs in recent decades. Many tourists who want to travel to the UAE, will wonder how they can buy AED (the United Arab Emirates Dirham) at its best price and with the most convenient method. One simple way for easily buying Dirham at its best price is to exchange Bitcoin to AED. stay tuned with the rest of this article to learn to convert your BTC to AED instantly.

Exchange Bitcoin to AED | Step by step guide to converting BTC to Dirham easily
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

In order to convert your Bitcoin to Dirham, you’ll need a reliable payment platform to provide you with the latest market price and a convenient interface for doing so. Among all the available options in the market, PayPax is one of the most convenient and reliable platforms. Using PayPax you can easily buy Bitcoin at the best price and convert it to most major crypto and even fiat currencies like Emirati Dirham (AED).

Exchange Bitcoin to AED easily 

Exchanging Bitcoin to AED is no difficult job, providing that you have chosen your payment processor correctly. Suppose that you want to send Bitcoin in the form of AED to a friend in the UAE. The first thing you need to do is sell your Bitcoin to someone in exchange for US Dollars. After that you should look for the best AED rates to exchange your USD to. Once you’ve all this you have successfully converted your BTC to AED. But this process sounds too tedious and time-consuming to many users, but don’t worry. There is a solution to every problem. 

A payment processor is what you need to facilitate the process of your conversion. An all-in-one financial service like PayPax, will cut down on your expenses and shorten the process of exchanging Bitcoin to dirham and other crypto or fiat currencies. Using PayPax, you no longer need to waste your money or time on unreasonably high fees or ineffective solutions that do not match your financial desires and purposes. 

btc to aed

Best platform to exchange BTC to AED

The term ‘best’ is considered pretty much subjective and variable from one person to the other. However, there are certain factors and criteria you need to be looking for in your Bitcoin to AED online exchange platform. The first and foremost is perhaps the instancy and convenience in terms of use. What matters is that the platform you are using, be available most of the time (if not always). However, we are proud to announce that PayPax is a 24/7 accurate and instant service, plus an all-time live customer support to solve your possible technical and fundamental issues when exchanging Bitcoin to AED or other procedures. 

What’s more is, on PayPax you are given a variety in funds. Once you convert your BTC to AED, you are able to either hold it in a highly secure internal PayPax wallet or exchange it to a variety of other major assets free of hassle. With PayPax you can also earn extra referral bonuses by asking your friends to join in through your own personal link. 

Bitcoin to Dirham fees on PayPax 

Before you buy Bitcoin in Dubai or UAE, it’s essential to check the rates for it. As there are several different options available in the market, it’s important that you compare and contrast your existing resources carefully to find the best and most effective way out. PayPax fees for Bitcoin to Dirham exchange is the most transparent and cost-effective you can find in the market. The table below shows the most accurate fees for your BTC to AED exchange on PayPax: 

BTC deposit 0 BTC
AED bank Withdraw 0.5%
AED cash withdraw 0.5%
Storing BTC 0
Storing AED 0

How to convert BTC to Dirham?

In order to exchange Bitcoin to AED, first you need to create an account on PayPax. Next, login to your dashboard and follow the rest of the procedures.

Deposit Bitcoin

1Deposit Bitcoin

In order to exchange BTC to AED, first you need to choose the wallet icon from the left menu of your dashboard and choose “deposit” next to Bitcoin in order to top up your PayPax Bitcoin wallet.

Sell Bitcoin

2Sell Bitcoin

Next, you need to go to the “buy/sell” section again from the left menu of your dashboard and sell your Bitcoin for USD Dollars. Choose Bitcoin in the first and USD in the second field and enter the amount you wish to sell.

 Convert USD

3 Convert USD

On the final step, you’ll need to convert USD Dollars to AED. For that purpose, go to the wallet section on the left menu of your dashboard once more and click “convert” next to USD. choose AED as your desired currency and click “confirm and convert”. Note that the minimum amount for your USD to AED conversion is 1000 AED.

Withdraw AED

4Withdraw AED

On the final step, you need to visit the wallet section once more and click “withdraw” next to AED. you can either choose to receive AED in your bank account or to get it in the form of cash from our business counterparts.

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