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Gifts to Give Crypto Lovers: 6 best gifts for crypto enthusiasts

Finding the best gift to give to a friend or loved one has always been challenging for those who want to meet the expectations of the person to be gifted. The first factor to consider when choosing or buying someone a gift is the person’s interests and areas of liking. Obviously the best suited gift for a bookworm is a book, but what if the person’s interest is a little bit out of the everyday common categories, to be something as new and physically hard to find as cryptocurrency?

Gifts to Give Crypto Lovers: 6 best gifts for crypto enthusiasts
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Today’s post is all about the best and most interesting gifts you can buy for a crypto enthusiast and the average price it might cost you. 

6 unique gifts to give crypto lovers

Gifts that are suited to crypto lovers may seem strange for people who are interested in the niche. However, as strange as they may seem, they can be more than exciting to those who are engrossed in digital money and crypto assets. Here is a list of the most interesting ones that would burst any crypto enthusiast into tears. 

crypto gift

Physical Bitcoin

Almost no gift in particular can reach and have the value of actual physical coins and especially Bitcoin. Bitcoin is almost the most popular and noted asset among all cryptocurrencies. With the price of Bitcoin reaching $40,000, almost everyone is excited to dive into the big game and start to trade Bitcoin for good profit. 

What’s more is that experts have predicted the asset to go even higher in price and have no maximum. All that being said, it's good for a crypto lover to be gifted the physical Bitcoin in order for them to be able to buy and sell Bitcoin all the more. Physical Bitcoin can be purchased through online stores like Etsy, for example.

PayPax gift card 

Not only Bitcoin, but also there are lots of other crypto assets that can be bought and traded for good profit. That is the reason why buying a cryptocurrency voucher is the easiest way to do that is to give private keys to a person you want to reward

PayPax e-voucher or gift card is a virtual asset that is typically delivered to a customer as a 16 digit code via an email or SMS. e-vouchers can then be redeemed within the system using the code. The receiver can redeem the voucher via their PayPax account

If you have friends or family abroad which you want to send money or offer a gift to, a PayPax voucher is a safe option to do so. 

CryptoSteel capsule

CryptoSteel capsule is a solid metal device that is used to make a premier backup of valuable data without any third-party involvement. This cool device can be of great use for crypto holders who care for the security and safety of their private data. This solid metal device can survive almost in any condition and under any circumstances to properly hold and safeguard your private data. high flexibility, improved security, mobility and adjustable separators are some of the main features of CryptoSteel capsules. 

Ledger wallet

The issue of security in the storage of funds has always been a concerning issue for crypto activists. Although cryptocurrency wallets and exchange services providing them ensure the safety of your funds, it is still safer for one to be able to hold and carry funds near them for somewhere more accessible than a virtual wallet. Aside from that, the risk of fraudulent activities and cybersecurity attacks has always remained an unresolved issue, no one can one hundred percent solve. 

A ledger wallet is a hardware wallet, much like a USB flash drive in design, that can be used to store multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously and has extra security levels to protect assets. Both beginners and experienced traders can take advantage of this device without much trouble.

Mining rig

A mining gift is a computer that is used for mining mineable cryptocurrencies. However, with the variety of rigs available nowadays in the market, it’s best to find and buy the ones with the most popular mining algorithms. Among the most popular mining rigs available in the market are ASIC mining machines and the Coinmine One.

Crypto Art

If the person who you wish to gift has a little pinch of artistic taste, it’s good to surprise them with a piece of crypto art. There is a whole separate area for the combination of crypto and art, called NFT art. 

An NFT is a digital art that you can create or own. It can be any type of file such as an artwork, an article, music or even a meme. So go ahead and surprise your crypto art lover friend with a piece of NFT art. When it comes to NFT, it’s only limited by your imagination.

paypax gift card

Final thoughts 

With the list provided, you can surprise your crypto enthusiast friend with something that will make them pleased and grateful. No matter what the occasion is, you can always consider buying them a gift to strengthen your friendship bonds. 

Since they might be interested in a kind of cryptocurrency you might not be aware or sure of, it’s best if you let them choose what to do with their gift just to make sure the gift will come in handy. That is why we recommend you to give them freedom in their choice by buying them a PayPax e-voucher

PayPax e-voucher is a low-cost alternative to traditional plastic gift cards or paper vouchers. At the push of a button, the person can receive the e-vouchers straight to their inbox or mobile device and, in most cases, instantly redeem the rewards within the system with a few clicks. Owning a PayPax e-voucher will also give the person the opportunity to take advantage of lots of other interesting features of the system. So, don’t hesitate to surprise your crypto lover friend with an interesting PayPax voucher. 


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