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How to contact Webmoney support center? Creating a Webmoney ticket and reporting issues

Webmoney is a global settlement system, established in 1998, which provides money transfer and payments services for over 45 million users all around the world. Keeping track of your funds, attracting funding, resolving disputes and making secure transactions are among the services brought by Webmoney to its users.

How to contact Webmoney support center? Creating a Webmoney ticket and reporting issues
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Despite the fact that Webmoney is considered one of the most reliable and convenient payment providers, there were a number of technical issues reported by the users when buying or exchanging Webmoney to other forms of e-money. However, Webmoney support system has considered resolving these issues by hiring a technical support service. This service will allow Webmoney users to report their technical issues via an email or their Webmoney Keeper app by creating a ticket.Both WebMoney participants and non-users of the system may take advantage of the Webmoney support service.

In this post we’ll walk you through the steps of creating a ticket using Webmoney support site. 

How to create a Webmoney ticket?

A Webmoney ticket is a service offered by Webmoney support system which allows users to report the technical issues they have faced during each of the procedures of buying, selling, exchanging or trading Webmoney. After registering a ticket, it will be recorded and subsequently responded through your WebMoney Keeper or e-mail, depending on the choice made when placing a ticket for the first time. The guide provided for you below will teach you the process of registering a Webmoney ticket step by step. 

Step 1

Logging into the website

To create a ticket, first you need to log in to ‘’ using your WMID. if you haven't signed up to the system already, you must continue the procedure using the code sent to you via your email. After logging in, click “New Ticket”.

Step 2

Identifying the type of issue

This is the step on which you must clarify the type of difficulty you are facing by viewing the list of services and selecting the type. The ‘Technical Support’ center will deal with your technical problems and general issues, the ‘Financial Support’ will take care of your withdrawal and purchasing issues and the ‘Arbitration Service’ will be in charge of your complaints, claims and registration issues.
Make sure to choose the method for receiving a response, whether it’s through your email or Webmoney Keeper app.


Describing the crux of the problem

Identify the subject of your message and describe the crux of the problem. If necessary attach any important files. We suggest taking a snapshot of any occurring issue and enclosing it to the ticket. 

Step 4

Ticket confirmation

If you’ve chosen email as your way of receiving a response, on this step a verification link will be sent to your email which you’ll have to confirm in the next 24 hours in order for your report to be seen and answered. You will then receive the response to your message by WebMoney Keeper or your email.

By clicking on the icon indicated in the picture below, you can also report a problem using Webmoney support robots. However, you need to consider the fact that the response provided by a robot might not be satisfactory or may give you an irrelevant answer

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