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How to create a Bitcoin wallet using a Perfect Money account?

Perfect Money is one of the favorite systems of users worldwide, which provides the possibility of transferring money around the world. One of the latest updates of this system has announced that the service of creating a Bitcoin wallet in the Perfect Money account has been provided to users, and the Perfect Money account holders can now store bitcoins in their PM account as well as depositing and withdrawing with bitcoin. In this article, we will review how to create a Bitcoin wallet in Perfect Money, and describe step by step and visually everything you need to know.

How to create a Bitcoin wallet using a Perfect Money account?
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How to create a Bitcoin wallet in a Perfect Money account?

You can always exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin by using the services of online exchanges such as PayPax. However, just as you used to have a dollar or euro wallet on your Perfect Money account, you can now create a wallet with a bitcoin balance. To do this, first go to the PM site and log in to your Perfect Money account. Then enter the "My Account" section. The 'Available types of wallets' section shows the types of wallets you can create. Click on "Add account" as shown below.

After clicking on Bitcoin, a page like the one below will be displayed. Bitcoin wallet is called B wallet in Perfect Money. You can create up to three Bitcoin wallets, or B wallets. Click on "Create a new BTC wallet" to create one.

btc wallet

Like euro and dollar wallet addresses, the Perfect Money Bitcoin wallet starts with the letter B, and you can share this address with others so they can transfer currency between accounts.

Keep in mind that you can create a multi-currency PayPax account and use it to send, receive and accept crypto and digital currencies including Perfect Money, Webmoney, Payeer and more than 50 cryptocurrencies. PayPax services include:

Deposit to Bitcoin wallet in Perfect Money

In order to be able to deposit money into the Bitcoin wallet, like all deposits, you must refer to the "Deposit" section. Following the new changes of Perfect Money, the ability to deposit with Bitcoin has been added to the Perfect Money menu. Click on it.

btc wallet

In this section, you must select your Bitcoin wallet (B wallet). Specify the amount of bitcoins you want to deposit. The minimum deposit amount is 0.001 bitcoins. You can see the amount of the fee. Click "Preview" to see a summary of the transaction. If you confirm the displayed information, click on "Confirm" to make a deposit to the Bitcoin wallet.

After completing the deposit to Bitcoin wallet, Perfect Money will allow you to have the details of the deposit. To do so, just click on the specified link as shown below.

Withdrawal of Bitcoin wallet in Perfect Money

The withdrawal process from a Bitcoin wallet is like a deposit. Go to the "Withdraw" section. You can also view the list of recent withdrawals.In this section, you must select the Bitcoin wallet that you want to withdraw. In the 'Bitcoin Address' box, enter the address of the bitcoin wallet to which you want the bitcoin to be transferred. Then enter the amount. And by clicking the "Preview" button, like the deposit steps, make the withdrawal after checking the details of the transaction.


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