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How to deposit Perfect Money to your PayPax account? Step by step photoguide

Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses.This financial service is many users' first choice to exchange for other forms of e-money or fiat currency.

How to deposit Perfect Money to your PayPax account? Step by step photoguide
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

However, many feel baffled when choosing an online exchange service. Some turn to traditional ways and often get caught up in leaking money on unreasonably high fees, but that’s not the end. Using an exchange service like PayPax can facilitate the process and solve the related issues by offering cost-effective solutions for you to easily exchange your funds to your desired form of fiat currency or e-money. 

In this post we’ll provide you with a full guide on how to deposit Perfect Money to your PayPax account and start exchanging your money immediately. 

How to deposit PM USD to a PayPax wallet?

PayPax  is a fast and secure way to exchange Perfect Money to other forms of digital money. Thus, instead of being caught up in weak and ineffective solutions, PayPax is here to bring you mid-market exchange rate and low transparent fees. Before starting to exchange you need to deposit your money to your PayPax wallet in order to be able to withdraw your desired form of e-money. 

Step 1

To deposit Perfect Money to your PayPax wallet, first you need to login to your PayPax account.  If you’ve not signed up yet, create your PayPax account in less than a few minutes and login to your dashboard.

pm deposit

Step 2

Click the wallet icon on the left menu of your dashboard and choose "Deposit USD" as shown below. 

pm deposit

Step 3

On the next step you’ll be automatically redirected to the deposit page on which you need to choose your method as Perfect Money and enter the amonut you wish to exchange. After doing so, click “Add”. 

pm deposit 3

Step 4

On this step you’ll need to confirm your deposit by clicking “Confirm” on the opened window as shown below. 

pm deposit 4

Step 5

After the confirmation, you’ll be redirected to the Perfect Money page automatically. You’ll then need to choose your payment method from the existing options. 

pm deposit 6

Step 6

You’ll be asked for further information regarding your transaction, including Member ID, Password and Turning number.

pm deposit 7

Make sure to double check the information on each step, before proceeding to the next. 

Once you are done with the deposit, you can  go to the wallet section on the left menu in your account to withdraw your funds in the form of your desired e-money. These include exchanging: 

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