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How to deposit Tether USDT to your PayPax account? Step by step photoguide

Tether’s USDT is the most popular stablecoin and is widely used by traders. It aims to provide a “safe” digital asset that maintains a stable valuation. That’s what makes it a stablecoin, whose value is pegged to the price of the U.S. dollar.

How to deposit Tether USDT to your PayPax account? Step by step photoguide
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Tether tokens have grown in popularity over the past few years, with a market cap of over US$77 billion. Most traders prefer Tether USDt to Dollar due to it being transferred much faster.

That’s why many choose Tether for crypto trading and exchanging. Choosing a safe online exchange service, you can purchase Tether to keep in your exchange account, and then trade it for crypto or other forms of digital money. 

How to deposit Tether USDT to your PayPax wallet?

Looking for the best exchange service? PayPax is here to bring you low transparent fees and cost-effective payment solutions. Depositing money to your wallet is the first step in the process of exchange. Follow the rest of the article for a full guide on how to deposit Tether to your PayPax wallet. 

Step 1

First visit and login to your account. If you haven't signed up on PayPax yet create an account in less than a few minutes and login to your dashboard.

tether deposit

Step 2

Choose the wallet icon on the left menu of your dashboard and click "Deposit USD" as shown below.

tether deposit

Step 3

On this step you’ll be redirected to the deposit page automatically. You should then choose the method as USDT from the list provided and copy your “Deposit Wallet Address”.

tether deposit 3

🟥 Note that this address is generated on USDT network and is valid  for 12 hours post creation. You can extend this wallet address only once. When the wallet address expires you’ll be given a new one. 

Step 4

You can then paste the aforementioned wallet address in any cryptocurrency wallet you own to deposit the money to your PayPax account. 

Make sure to double check the information on each step, before proceeding to the next. 

Once you are done with the deposit, you can  go to the wallet section on the left menu in your account to withdraw your funds in the form of your desired e-money. Using PayPax you can exchange: 

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