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How to deposit Webmoney to your PayPax account? Step by step photoguide

WebMoney is an international online payment settlement system. The system offers wide opportunities to its clients. Not only it serves as a payment provider, but also creates means of online payment and provides a separate range of features for businesses. The most popular feature of WebMoney is the possibility of e-wallets. With WebMoney Transfer, users can enjoy sending & receiving payments worldwide and store money online.

How to deposit Webmoney to your PayPax account? Step by step photoguide
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

Choosing an online exchange service can often be overwhelming due to the variety of options available out in the market and risks of volatility and  fraud. However, choosing an instant and secure system can be a relief for you to have a hassle-free experience of exchange

How to deposit Webmoney WMZ to your PayPax wallet?

PayPax is an exchange service which brings you low transparent fees and cost-effective payment solutions. Depositing money to your wallet is the first step in the process of exchange. Follow the rest of the article for a full guide on how to deposit Webmoney to your PayPax wallet. 

Step 1

In order to deposit Webmoney to your PayPax account first visit and login to your account. If you haven't signed up yet, create your PayPax account in less than a few minutes and login to your dashboard. 

wmz deposit

Step 2

on the left menu of your dashboard, choose the wallet icon and click "Deposit USD" as shown below.

wmz deposit

Step 3

On this step, you’ll be automatically redirected to the deposit form, on which you choose your method as Webmoney and copy the “Deposit wallet address”. 

wmz deposit 3

Step 4

You’ll then need to login to your Webmoney account and enter the deposit wallet address in the “Send WM to purse” form. Once you have done so, click “send”.

wmz deposit 4

Step 5

Going back to the deposit form in your PayPax account, you need to enter the “Transaction ID” and “Webmoney wallet address” as shown below. 

wmz deposit 6

Make sure to double check the information on each step, before proceeding to the next. 

Once you are done with the deposit, you can  go to the wallet section on the left menu in your account to withdraw your funds in the form of your desired e-money. Using PayPax you can exchange: 

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