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How to earn money freelancing? 5 promising ways plus tips for beginners

Maximizing earning has been a financial goal for almost everyone. However it might not happen with your 9 to 5 full time job or you might simply get tired of being under someone else’s authority and eventually decide to be your own boss.

How to earn money freelancing? 5 promising ways plus tips for beginners
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Freelancing means that you’re your own boss. As a self-employed you work for companies or individuals on a contract basis. Instead of working 9 to 5, you take on projects with several different companies or clients and earn money freelancing. Whether you make money from home or a rented office this is your way to finally gain more financial independence. 

In this post we’ll tell you all about ways to make money freelancing plus useful tips to get started.

How beneficial is it to make money freelancing?

It’s one of the most beneficial jobs recorded in recent years to earn money freelancing. The average freelancing income has been reported to be $63,488 in 2019, which is higher than most full-time US jobs. It is worth mentioning that the income you earn by freelancing depends on how much skills you acquire or how much effort you put in your job as a freelancer. Even beginners can make money freelancing by earning the necessary skills and reasonable hours of working. Among the most profitable jobs to earn money freelancing are programming and software development. Other lucrative freelance jobs include motion graphics, graphic design, social media specialist, and copywriting.

Earn money freelancing as a beginner

If you put your cards in the right place, even as a newcomer you can make good money freelancing. There are a dozen websites out there which you can give a shot and start to earn money freelancing with, including Upwork, Fiverr, or To start to make money freelancing on websites is the most common way to do it, but you can also earn money freelancing by going to the company in person and showing your cards. 

Tips to make money as a freelancer

If you want to be a successful freelancer and earn money freelancing here are some tips:

Choose your niche 

You might think that you can jump in the big game choosing almost any freelance job, but that’s not recommended. If your goal is to make good money freelancing it’s essential to map your route before starting. Not all freelancing jobs are promising options to make money as a freelancer. Plus, you need to consider your time, interests and the amount of effort you can put to make money freelancing.

Define your goals

Starting almost anything in this world needs setting goals. A goal is like a compass that gives direction to your sail. Before choosing your path to make money as a freelancer, you need to determine your financial, personal and business goals. That happens by having a broad outlook over your time, passions and lifestyle. Setting goals properly can put you ahead of time and space. 

Create your own brand

Promoting a brand is the first and foremost way of getting it known. How you market yourself or your work is called branding. A good branding strategy can accelerate your working progress. It is essential for your brand to include your own personal signature, monetize your ideals and set you apart from other existing options in the market.

Build a proper portfolio

Any customer will look up to what you have done before choosing you. So, the more sophisticated your working history, the higher the chances to be hired by potential clients. You shouldn't launch your freelancing project before building a strong portfolio. If you have no working experience, take your time to gain some and remember that more is not always better. So, only include highly noticeable data in your working portfolio. 

Level up your skills

There are many work related skills you can take to improve your business and higher your chance of being employed. It is good to adopt those skills from an academic way but it’s not always possible to do so. Taking online classes can get you on the right track and make you a logically better candidate among a thousand other options. 

Ways to earn money as a freelancer

Below we’ll count some of the most lucrative ways to make money freelancing. 

Cryptocurrency trading

Crypto is in its early stages of development yet, but the crypto asset is experiencing a consistent growth for the medium each passing day. That’s what makes it a considerable choice to make money as a freelancer, however, making money from crypto is not as easy as it seems in the public eye. It's essential to invest your money prudently and with enough relevant knowledge of ways to earn money as a freelancer by trading cryptocurrencies. Overall, among ways to earn money with crypto, the best is to invest in tokens at a highly favorable price. For that you need to research the details, have your wallet ready before the big game starts and watch out for your tokes’ present, past and future. 

Affiliate marketing

This is one of the most popular ways to make money as a freelancer. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money online by promoting other brands or another person or company's product and earning a commission instead. Websites like PayPax, allow you to exchange the money you’ve earned easily by offering an online payment gateway. Low and clear fees, high secured network, quick access and a variety of payment methods are some of the main features of PayPax. Create your multi currency PayPax account now and make money with PayPax easily. You’ll also receive extra referral bonuses for every new customer who signs up through your link.

Programming and software development

To make money freelancing as a programmer puts you in control of your productivity, creativity and deadlines. After working for a while on different projects, you get to learn new things and work with the latest technologies, and will be able to boost your expertise. Once you’ve gained enough expertise over a particular software development domain, switching to freelance programming becomes both easy and beneficial for your career.

Motion graphic design

Motion graphics are good money for those who want to earn money as a freelancer and learn a new skill at the same time. In today’s digital world, there are thousands of tutorials and platforms which promote them out there. That’s how you can learn a new skill without spending a penny and then make the most out of it. There are boatloads of websites out there as freelance work marketplaces. These sites are a way to facilitate starting and building a client base. If you are extremely new to motion design, this is a place to cut your teeth on lower risk projects, however, that's not your one and only option to earn money freelancing as a graphic designer. 


The video game industry has had a massive increase in players during the past few years and so has its money-making potentiality. Earning money playing games is done either by streaming, creating tutorials or testing video games. Contrary to its name, the job is no game! It requires several years of commitment and hard work until pay-off. Currently there are numerous platforms providing you with constructive service to make your talent an opportunity, so there would be not much discomfort on your way to earn money freelancing as a gamer. 

Ending point

So far we have discussed some of the most lucrative ways to earn money as a freelancer and some primary skills needed for each. If you are a beginner, keep in mind that the quality determines whether you are successful as a freelancer or not. Plus, you gotta be your own boss, so there is no one else to remind you to stay prime. 

There is always a chance of failure in almost any possible branch so don’t lose hope immediately. There are websites that can help you generate and receive the income you've earned with not much effort. PayPax is among those. By creating a multi-currency PayPax account you can easily receive the income you’ve earned by freelancing in a variety of methods including e-money and cryptocurrency.

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