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How to earn money playing games? 4 convenient ways and their possible drawbacks

As expensive and distracting as the gaming industry may seem, for many it’s a great way to unwind. Massive increase in players boomed the industry with revenue close to $180 billion in 2020, making it top rank among the list of multi-million dollar businesses. For many professional players earning money playing games would just kill the whole fun. On the other side, there are tons of players who monetize their fun and earn money playing games simultaneously.

How to earn money playing games? 4 convenient ways and their possible drawbacks
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Contrary to its name, the job is no game! It requires several years of commitment and hard work until pay-off. Currently there are numerous platforms providing you with constructive service to make your talent an opportunity, so there would be no need for you to buy exorbitant gaming equipment.  

In this article we're having an overview on prospective ways to make money playing games, plus their assets and liabilities

What are some ways to make money playing games?

There are numerous ways to make money online among which gaming is significantly in favor for the Gen Z generation. Below we are having a brief overview on some ways to earn money playing games plus each one’s pros and cons.

1. Earn money by live streaming

This is one of the most popular ways among professional players and other individuals who have a desire to make money playing games. There are several platforms in this case, among which Twitch and youtube are the biggest and most well-known. As a streamer the primary step for you to take is building a large number of audience which is very much time-consuming by its own. In order to meet your predetermined expectations you need a huge amount of concurrent viewers along with thousands of regular ones. You should consider the fact that there are dozens of other popular streams out there, so it’s easy to be knocked out in the world of live streams. As to avoid being faded, you need to establish your own brand and have your own special signature either by personalizing your sense of humor or exposing your peculiar personality traits. Fortunately, the obstacles for you to start making money playing games are low. All you need is an adequate computer, some trendy games, a couple of streaming softwares and of course a fairly based internet connection.  Twitch will reward you in various legit ways including $5.00 for every subscriber as well as $3.00 for every 1000 ad views

What are the downsides?

As for every other lucrative side gig, there are some vacancies on your way to earn money playing games too. Gaming as a profession by its nature, is very much time-consuming. You may  find yourself lost in the world of kitings and campings and simply lose the track of your life subsequently. Technical errors will always be an intruder and due to poor internet speed and government censorship of streaming platforms in many countries, it would be even harder for you to share the content you’ve provided. Poorer picture quality and the inability to edit your content are also other barriers which may cause the process of establishing a considerable amount of audience even more challenging on your end.

2. Become a game tester

If you are an extremely orderly and efficient person or have an exceptionally analytical mind, you’ve chosen the right offshoot on your path to earn money playing games. Before being released, games go through different stages of development, that’s why companies and gaming platforms need an outsider to playtest, detect the possible bugs and sometimes even troubleshoot them. Playtestcloud is a relevant service, which allows you to playtest mobile games and earn modicum of money. Playtesting at companies and larger organizations is however much tougher than applications or online platforms. In that case your duties will exceed mere quality or entertainment assurance. As a professional game tester you are often asked to do matrix testing which means capturing the actual quality, the effort, the plan, resources and time required to complete all phases of software testing. Indie companies are best if you are a beginner in making money playing games and playtesting.

How is it not satisfying?

It may sound shocking at first glimpse to hear that game testing is very much similar to an office job. It may get tedious and eradicate the whole pleasure of gaming as a consequence of the fact that most testing recruitments are for mobile games which are not as thrilling as games on PC or console.  Be cautious what you are trading your gaming pleasure for, as this is no extraordinarily rewarding job compared to other ways for earning money playing games. Finally, bear in mind that if you are not a very detail-oriented person in nature, you’re probably going to encounter hardship in your job as a game tester.

3. Consider game coaching

Coaching a game is pretty much similar to teaching something new to someone, which may be frustrating at points. You need to be excessively forbearing and prepared to play at another person’s pace. The first thing for you to do is finding your favorite competition games and immediately gaining an audience through a platform like youtube or Fiverr. Gradually you’ll be able to find your own style and earn money playing games for $20 to $200 per hour, depending on how coveted your services are. Boosting your resume will increase your chance of being chosen as a game coach.

How is it difficult?

Teaching almost any skill requires severe patience and heavy investment. Over time, your learners’ focus may shift to winning rather than learning. This may bring about repetitive stress and lack of measured results for you as a coach and agitate your progress in making money playing games.

4. Get paid to crypto gaming

Many NFT users find it dull and overwhelming to trade cryptocurrencies constantly, that’s why they integrate their gaming abilities and knowledge of cryptocurrency to earn money playing games and have fun simultaneously. The umbrella term GameFi (game and DeFi) refers to play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games which are firmly On-trend and are worth billions of dollars these days. The good thing is you can often start for free or with little initial investment. Once you step a foot inside the business, there are tons of entertaining games you can choose from in order to make money playing games. Axie Infinity, Plants vs. Undead and Battle of Guardians are among the most played crypto games. Earning money playing games is done in 2 ways. Either by buying other in-game items or your in-game currency which can be used to purchase NFTs. Now you might wonder how to earn in-game currency, to which the answer is by winning battles or completing challenges.

As mentioned above, to start a game you sometimes need a partial amount of investment for which you can use your PayPax wallet to get in the game right away.

What are the pitfalls?

As promising as the future of the crypto game industry is, its total value and market cap is currently pretty low. Cybersecurity issues such as the risk of being hacked or scammed, price volatility and lack of strict rules and regulations are other drawbacks mentioned for the area.


To make money playing games you need to devote your insistent time and effort. If you are already an avid gamer then you are halfway gone. With the list provided, there are a variety of outlets for you to choose from. If you are choosing this as your full-time profession, then you may try occupying two or more of them at once. However, It’s always of great importance to ramian realistic. Don’t forget to create your PayPax account to transfer and exchange the cryptocurrencies you’ve earned by gaming.

If you are looking for other ways to make money online, check out the PayPax affiliate program and make money with PayPax. You’ll also receive referral bonuses by inviting your friends to join in. 

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