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How to earn money typing: 5 trending ideas plus useful tips

These days almost everyone is thinking about having a side hustle and earning extra income. Although it might seem that earning money with a side hustle needs extra expensive equipment, there are ways you can make extra dough without high initial investment. Knowing these ways, their opportunities and drawbacks, can help you improve your career prospects and work-life balance.

How to earn money typing: 5 trending ideas plus useful tips
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Many people prefer to make money online for several reasons. The variety of online jobs in today’s world gives people a sort of financial security as they can switch to an alternative any moment. For those people who have a vibe of “Be your own boss” this is the best option. Plus, you get to choose your own working hours and the flexibility gives you more freedom and a totally higher job security. 

Typing is the most basic skill anyone can learn by having a computer. It’s one of those options that require the least amount of equipment to be done. All you need is a computer and a decent internet connection to earn money typing. 

This article will provide you with the most promising ideas on how to make money typing plus additional tips on receiving and managing your monthly balance. 

What do I need to make money typing?

Unlike other commonly used and often expensive side hustles like earning money playing games, typing doesn't come with high requirements. Anything as simple as a personal computer  or laptop, a fairly stable internet connection and a little bit of Office skills would do the trick for those on the starting line. If you think you are not fast enough at typing, there are online typing tests which will prove your typing speed. Overall, a part-time online job like typing may be a great source of earning money easily without investment. Plus, It does not involve risks of volatility or cybersecurity hacks and fraud like making money with cryptocurrency

How to earn money typing?

The first and foremost way to start earning money typing is to identify and examine the typing opportunities which are out there for you. Moreover, as it is considered an online money-making approach, it is necessary to keep an eye open for the reliability of the option through which you want to earn money typing. We have gathered a few of the most popular ways to make money typing for you to better set foot in the field. 


If you are choosing transcription as a way to earn money typing you need to be aware that it requires a little bit higher skills than the others. As a transcriptionist you need to listen to audio recordings and type what you hear simultaneously. This requires having a sharp ear as well as a clear state of mind for one to be able to hear and distinguish the words from the background noises. In addition, you need to have language skills as you do not know what language or accent you are about to be hearing. The case of time is highly important in your job as a transcriptionist. You need three of your organs meaning brain, ear, and hands active and synced all at once. You also need to be very precise and error-free for some special fields in the area such as medical or legal transcriptions as they require a certification in the end. Earning money typing is usually done per hour of transcription. 

Typing subtitles 

Have you ever felt guilty for watching movies or TV series for several non-stop hours? Here is how you can enjoy and make money typing subtitles at the same time. To earn money typing subtitles you need sufficient language skills for both the languages spoken in the video and the languages being translated. The job is also in need of adequate listening skills and patience since you may require to replay some words severally to get them clearly. A similar way to earn money typing subtitles is captioning (or close captioning). This is pretty much the same as typing subtitles with a slight difference that captions are in the same language as the dialogue while subtitles are the translation of the dialogue into a given language.

Captcha typing

Before getting to making money typing captchas, first we want to clarify what a captcha is. You’ve definitely come across sites which need you to verify that you are not a robot. Those verifications are called captchas. Captchas are only solved by humans and technology can not solve them. Now what you are expected to do as a captcha typist is typing the characters as they appear and sending them back as captcha solving requires you to be fast. Captcha typing is considered a low-paid job. You usually make money typing captchas per 1,000 solved puzzles.

Typing scanned documents

This is one of the most common ways of earning money typing. As the name suggests, it includes turning any scanned or photographed piece of writing into a typed one. The files given to be converted are one of the following PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats. The best way to earn money typing this way is by making sure you are both fast and, at the same time, accurate. Note that the text you provide must be exactly as it is, including no errors or misspellings. Like any other typing job, you make money typing scanned documents per hour. 

Virtual assistance

If you are good at multitasking, then this could definitely be your option to earn money typing. Virtual assistance as a way to make money typing requires you to do a set of works for the client, depending on their particular needs. Some of these tasks are performing research, creating spreadsheets from previously acquired data, planning schedules, managing social media profiles, translating various documents, performing customer service tasks, answering emails and etc. this way of making money typing might need few more potentialities like doing a research and as a result constant learning and adapting

How can I get paid to type

How can I get paid to type?

To earn money typing you need to devote your time doing research and choosing the option which suits you and your conditions the most. If you are already fast at typing then you are already halfway gone. With the list provided, there are a variety of outlets for you to choose from. If you are choosing this as your full-time profession, then you may try occupying two or more of them at once. However, It’s always of great importance to ramian realistic.

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