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What is Payeer Operation ID and how to find it to exchange Payeer?

If you are looking to exchange Payeer USD to cryptocurrencies or digital currencies on PayPax or any other platforms, the transaction requirements might be a bit confusing for you. Many users face difficulty in understanding what Operation ID is and how they can find it. Luckily, this article will help you to find your account number and operation id when sending Payeer USD to another wallet. 

What is Payeer Operation ID and how to find it to exchange Payeer?
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⚠️ Heads up! You need to make the Payeer transaction first to get the Operation ID. Transfer the funds to the destination and then the operation id is generated by Payeer and you can get it from transaction history in your Payeer account dashboard.

How to find Payeer Operation ID?

Payeer operation id is a dedicated identification codeOperation ID holds the transfer information for a transaction in the Payeer system. This means that you will need this id to prove your payment. 

The operation id is simple to find once you make a transaction. So let us go through a step by step guide of making a Payeer transfer and then finding the Operation ID for a specific transaction.

1. Once you loging to your Payeer Dashboard, you can navigate to different menus. In order to make the payment and transfer Payeer to your PayPax account, click on the “Transfer” menu on the left sidebar menu.

payeer transfer

2. On the Transfer page, type the destination account number and make sure it starts with the letter “P”. You can find this on PayPax deposit form. Then type the desired amount you want to transfer and click on “Send” button to finish the transfer.

3. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, the operation id is simple to find. Click on the “History” on the left sidebar.

4. In this page you can see your previous transaction. For the specific transaction that you made to transfer your funds to PayPax, click on the ID and information about the transaction will appear. There you can see the operation id. Copy it and use it on the deposit form.

payeer operation id

Why would I need Payeer Operation ID?

PayPax is one of the most reliable Payeer exchangers that offers the services to exchange Payeer USD to more than 50 types of currencies. 

To deposit Payeer to your PayPax account you need to enter the Operation ID. Keep in mind that you need to transfer Payeer to your PayPax account first and then find the Operation ID.


operation id in paypax

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