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How to get a loan from Perfect Money? step by step guide

If you are dealing with international payment, you must have been looking for a suitable global payment method. One of the most popular online payment methods is Perfect Money. It is possible to get perfect money loans, cash dollars, buy, send, receive and pay money online through this method, and of course, the possibility of using it among banking sanctions is one of the main reasons for their popularity.

How to get a loan from Perfect Money? step by step guide
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As mentioned, using Perfect Money services on the Internet is very common and well known, but less has been written about getting a loan from Perfect Money. In this article, we are going to explain in detail the steps of applying for a Perfect Money loan.

Paying a loan in Perfect Money is one of the features that distinguishes this system from others. No other online payment system has provided this feature for its users. You must register on the Perfect Money website to start the loan application process.

Creating a Perfect Money account is very simple and fast. After creating an account and authentication on the Perfect Money website, you can easily enjoy Perfect Money loan services. Unlike banks and institutions that make loans, in Perfect Money, loans are made through users. As a member of Perfect Money, you can choose to lend to other people or not! It is also possible for you to apply for a loan with your desired interest in case of emergency and wait for one of the Perfect Money users to decide to give a loan.

How to apply for Perfect Money loan?

Go to the Perfect Money website and after entering your user panel, select the Deposit option from the top bar. Click “Credit Exchange” at the bottom of the page that opens.

In this section, you must enter the name of the account, the required amount, the percentage you are willing to repay (from half to 200%), the total repayment amount, the period when you can repay the loan (1 to 365 days), the reason for taking Loans and enter your loan description.

pm loan


Leave the “To Agent” option blank if your request is not from a specific person and you make it public. You can also check the list of people who lend from the top of the page and write down the name of the person you want in this section.

Some lenders have explicitly stated the names of those they are willing to give loans to. For example, they only lend to startups that want to start, and some to all people who need money!

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After completing the form at the end, you can press "Preview your Loan Request" option to check your request status.

Borrower selection and trust criteria

Perfect Money lists the number of people who borrowed, the number of times and the time it was repaid on the profile. This way you can choose to lend to the person you want. And of course, another element that increases the lender's confidence is the TS or Trust Score parameter. This amount is determined by the amount of performance and daily transfers. Obviously, the higher the transfer rate, the higher the user's credibility.

It worth noting that if a person fails to repay his loan, his account will be blocked by Perfect Money.

Does PayPax Perfect Money services offer loans?

PayPax services for perfect money users does not include loans. However users can exchange perfect money to webmoney, perfect money to payeer or perfect money to tether TRC20 in addition to setting up a payment gateway for receiving PM USD. If you want to apply for perfect money loans it is suggested to do it through Perfect Money website.

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