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How to get paid by global customers? Best payment methods in 2022

Have you been looking for convenient ways to get paid by your global customers? Have your customers been struggling over choosing the best payment method? Scaling a business to a global scale has always been challenging for business owners. They often find it extremely overwhelming to communicate with international clients.

How to get paid by global customers? Best payment methods in 2022
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With a little bit of pre-researching and prior knowledge you can choose the best way for you and your customers to have a hassle-free payment experience.

In this post we outline everything you need to know about the best methods to get paid by global customers plus their assets and liabilities.

Best methods to get paid by global customers in 2022

Depending on where you are located, you will have several different options for your payment to choose from and satisfy your client’s payment request, including: local bank transfer, credit/debit card or your PayPax account.

Local bank transfers

Bank transfers (also known as wire transfer) are usually done in 2 ways. Local bank transfers are electronic transfers of funds from one bank account to another in the same country, while international bank transfers are initiated in one country and settled in another

There haven't been many disadvantages mentioned for bank transfers except the fact that once your money is transferred via a bank transfer there wouldn't be a way back and this makes it easier for frauds and scams to simply target your money with a fake ID, link or account. In case of prior authentication, bank transfers are greatly secure and instantly done within a few hours in case of local bank transfers and at most 2 working days in case of international ones. For international wire transfers you will also need a third-party bank to intermediate the money before it reaches your bank account. 


To find the answer to your most frequent questions regarding wire transfers visit: What is a Wire Transfer?

Credit or debit cards

Debit cards and credit cards are alternatives to cash. Debit cards are pretty much the same as credit cards, but unlike a credit card, the money for the purchase must be in the cardholder's bank account at the time of a purchase and is immediately transferred directly from that account to the merchant's account to pay for the purchase. Credit or debit cards are among the most convenient international payment methods. Every business owner has at least one credit card which comes with chargeback protection.

Credit cards are convenient and you can spread out your costs by dividing it into several monthly installments. With credit cards, you have buyer protection for any purchase made on the card meaning that you can claim your money back from the card provider if there’s an issue with your goods or services. As for the disadvantages of credit cards, there might be extra fees by credit card providers who might charge you extra for things that are free with a debit card, such as withdrawing cash from an ATM or buying things overseas.


E-money is also another digital alternative to cash which allows users to make cashless payments with money stored on a card or a phone, or over the internet. Perfect Money (PM) and Webmoney (WMZ) are widespread examples of e-money which can be used to pay for various purchases. Different forms of e-money can also be exchanged for each other through online payment service providers like PayPax. 

Like any other online payment service, e-money consists of possible security risks and hacks which can leak sensitive personal information and lead to fraud and money laundering. Nonetheless, The use of electronic money brings increased flexibility and convenience to the table. Transactions can be entered into from anywhere in the world, at any given time, with one click of a button plus  a digital historical record of each and every transaction made. 


Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies which can be used to buy goods and services as well as the possibility to be traded and held in e-wallets. There are a variety of cryptocurrencies out in the world of digital assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) along with thousands of other cryptos that can be exchanged and traded for each other or paid for goods and services. For more information regarding cryptocurrency wallets visit: A complete guide to cryptocurrency wallet

A cryptocurrency transaction contains no intermediaries and is done through a quick and straightforward process. Each  transaction is recorded in a public list called the blockchain which makes it possible to trace the history of Bitcoins to stop people from spending coins they do not own. The value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins can be extremely volatile and can lose or gain value in a matter of seconds plus it’s vulnerable to scams and cyber attacks which makes some people hesitate to choose this method.


PayPax is a multi-currency exchange account which allows your payments in different methods. Using a PayPax account, you can easily bring an online payment gateway to your business and sell your goods and services globally by accepting both fiat and cryptocurrency payments at the same time. A multi-currency PayPax account enables you to send or receive money from others fast and with low and transparent fees. Plus, signing up for a PayPax account is easy and  totally free of cost.

A multi-currency PayPax account supports almost all the aforementioned methods for online payments including e-money and thousands of kinds of cryptocurrencies to be exchanged, converted and traded for each other or other forms of electronic money. 

Best methods to get paid by global customers

Which method is the best for your customers?

The kind of method which might be your answer depends on where your customer is located in the world. Make sure that you always request a payment in the currency that is the most convenient for your customer. A seamless customer experience is vital for growing your business, that’s why it is of great importance to make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay you and obtain the best rate for their transactions simultaneously. This is why offering a wide variety of payment methods is so crucial. Try out PayPax’s multi-currency payment service and you’ll not only increase sales, but also give your clients a seamless experience that  will make them come back to.

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