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How to make money online? The popular side gig’s pros and cons

No matter if you are a homebody or like to be all out and about, you have definitely been struggling with the laptop lifestyle at least once in your lifetime and especially in the past few years. To make money online has been proved to be a very lucrative side gig for many individuals all around the world due to this way of living. The gig economy could provide you with fast and easy cash. However, there are also a variety of slow gigs which can happen to be of good interest in the long run.

How to make money online? The popular side gig’s pros and cons
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Whether you want to be a hot-shot social media influencer or a sidelined freelancer, there are many creative and often legitimate ways to earn money online with the least amount of inconvenience possible.Here is a brief review on the strengths and shortcomings of these money-making options.

How to earn money online?

Below there is a list of ways to make money online alongside their highlights and challenges:

1. Try freelancing

Whatever job you are possessing, you can simply consider presenting it online as well. There are several softwares, applications and sites like Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork, which offer free available platforms for your content to be presented. Remember that the public interest is always on those with a stronger relevant background. So, it’s important to make a note-worthy portfolio. If you are new to the field try working with less publicly known institutions first. 

2. Consider affiliate marketing

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money online by promoting other brands or another person or company's product and earning a commission instead. There are various websites including PayPax, which allow you to exchange the money you’ve earned easily. Low and clear fees, high secured network, quick access and a variety of payment methods are some of the main features of this website. Create your own PayPax account right away and earn money with PayPax for every new customer who signs up through your link.

3. Start your own blog or youtube channel

Almost everyone around is making money online from youtube these days. Things like makeup tutorials, video game streaming , product reviews, teaching different skills or making prank videos are hugely on-trend. All you have to do is start your own youtube channel and once you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers, you can officially monetize your channel with YouTube ads. The same case goes on with blogs. Don’t forget to make your blog as stylish as possible to suit the public eye and add affiliate links in your posts as well. 

4. Make money playing video games

The video game industry has had a massive increase in players during the past few years and so has its money-making potentiality. Earning money playing games is done either by streaming, creating tutorials or testing video games. The players have earned noticeable sums of money thorough the aforesaid ways. Just make sure to create your own youtube channel and start streaming right away. 

5. Benefit from your education

Until recently, education was limited to face-to-face sessions but thanks to COVID-19 we’ve been proved that it’s not the heaviest rock to move and we can go global! Create your own online course and promote it on Udemy, Superprof or MyTutor. You can also consider utilizing your other educational skills such as tutoring an online course,  translating or typing.

6. Become a social media influencer

Did you know that Kylie Jenner makes USD$986,000 per Instagram post? Most celebrities are taking Instagram as their first and foremost source of income. While it might seem that they have fully engrossed the area, there is still room for pages with a small number of followers and other individuals. So, If you’ve always dreamed of reaching out for the world, now is your time. It is rather tricky being in the spotlight all the time, however, making money from it wouldn't be as much so. To make money as an influencer, you can sell your photos, create your own business and sell products, add affiliate links in your bio, become a brand ambassador, get paid to appear at events, and etc.

7. Start dropshipping

Dropshipping might be a bit outlandish at first glimpse, but the increase in its popularity highlights its significance as a way to make money online. In case you are new to the area, in dropshipping you sell a product just like any other business but on the contrary you don't store, package or ship the product. The supplier does it on your behalf. How to make money online dropshipping? You can run Facebook ads, have influencers promote your products or have user friendly apps or sites like Shopify dropshipping do the job for you.

8. Create an app

You might be wondering how to create an app and make money online if you are not a developer. Much to your surprise there are a couple of ways to earn money online by making an app without involving any programming skills. Nowadays, people are using freelance platforms to find affordable developers to create apps for them. There are also visually driven no code app creation platforms like Adalo  which can help you bring your apps to life! When it comes to earning money online on an app, you can always promote it on Google Play or App Store. Free apps attract a larger number of people, so they might appear counterintuitive in the sense of making money online.

9. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Trading cryptocurrencies is another answer to making money online. Although the industry is not very well developed at the moment, it is estimated to have a thoroughly flourishing future. The good news is there are plenty of routes to earning money online this way, but investing money has always been a deer in headlights to the newcomers. Several cryptocurrency exchanging platforms are active in the area, among which Paypax is a highly secure and convenient platform, which provides you with relevant information and easily accessible user interface for you to be able to buy and sell crypto reposefully and make money online comfortably.

10. Sell domain names

Last but not least, this might also be the simplest option among our options to earn money online. As an introduction, a domain name is merely a website address (eg. '') and there are various extensions of it. (.com, .net, etc) All that needs to be done is finding available domain names with preferably high commercial value and then directly selling them on Godaddy or other similar websites. 

make money online

What are the drawbacks of online earning?

In the following lines we are having an overview on how to make money online and prevent the possible risks simultaneously:

1. Social isolation risk

Our world is constantly pushing us down our cave of loneliness and alienation. Now imagine a world where both your social and working life are merely nothing but screens & profiles. If you're choosing to make money online as your primary profession or are planning to spend extracurricular hours on it, beware of the risks and harms it may cost your physical and mental health

2. Money scams

As rewarding as the online-money making trade can be, there are always things that can jeopardize your investment and make your whole effort barking at the moon. Never reveal any financial info such as your credit card number to sites you are not sure of. Always do a little bit of research for websites that are asking for an upfront fee. You can track the background of the organization by visiting their profile. Do not fall for ads that seem too good to be true and finally monitor your money all throughout the process step by step.

Ending point 

To conclude, online money-making and investment has its own opportunities and obstacles. Do not aim for the moon not to end up disillusioned as this is no exception compared to other working commutes. Know that nothing is gained without intense devotion and bear in mind that there is always a chance of failure in any possible branch. If you know and clarify your ultimate objectives and invest your time and money dashingly, there wouldn't be much discomfort in your path to make money online. In case you have chosen any online job you can create your multi-currency account on PayPax and start earning money online straightway.

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