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How to receive a Webmoney loan based on a trust limit: Step by step guide

WebMoney is an online payment settlement system, established in 1998, and one of the largest electronic payments processors by number of users, having 45 million registered accounts and 300,000 active weekly users in early 2020.

How to receive a Webmoney loan based on a trust limit: Step by step guide
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 Webmoney offers numerous services to its users worldwide including using their Webmoney Passport to send, store and receive money, paying for goods and services online quickly and without unnecessary complications. Another functional service this system offers its users is Debt Service. Debt Service provides WebMoney System participants with the option of issuing and taking loans online on advantageous terms, bypassing intermediaries. The Debt Service is free of charge and operates with the following currencies: American Dollar, WMZ.

If you are a user of Webmoney and are looking forward to taking loans for your business or any other purposes, follow the rest of this post for a complete guide on how to receive a Webmoney loan.

What is a trust limit?

Trust limit plays an important role in the process of receiving a loan. The system gives you the opportunity to add other users to your so-called “trust limit list” and give them limited access to some of the features of your account including making payments, confirming and issuing an invoice, checking your purse demand balance and receiving your transaction history

How to set a Webmoney trust limit?

You can open a trust limit either by creating a request at the WebMoney Debt Service site or directly from “the Keeper” app. 

To open a new trust limit on “the Keeper” app, first you should log in. After logging in, go to the Security>>Trust List>>Trusted WMID tab. Next you should add the information of the correspondents you wish to add to your trust limit list. 

WMZ app

You can review your trust limit list in the “List of trusted WMID” tab at the same address and also by clicking “Added Trusted WMID” you can add more correspondents to your list.

WMZ app

This can also be done directly from the WebMoney Debt Service site by going to the Trust me>>Trust limits tab, adding the correspondent’s information and pressing "Open limit".

WMZ site

Receiving a Webmoney loan step by step

A Webmoney loan is paid by its own users to each other. That makes it necessary for you to build a “Trust List” which acts as a guarantor. If the issued loan is not paid back, the lender can claim the money from one of the people in your trust list. 

The WebMoney Debt service is under the supervision of services like Debt and Paymer. Make sure to be punctual when returning the loan and be careful who you are lending a loan to. In case of any infractions regarding the rules and regulations of Webmoney Debt service, your account will be suspended and you’ll be banned from any other activities in the system.

To receive a Webmoney loan, first you have to build and add correspondents to  your own trust list.

Step 1

After building your trust list, visit Webmoney Debt Service site and log in to your account. After logging into the Debt service site, go to the Trust me>>Trust limits tab and select the WMID that opened the trust limit to you.

WMZ loan

Step 2

Next you have to accept the terms of the trust limit, if you did not do so before. Then to receive a loan in the following window press “Get Credit”.

WMZ loan

Step 3

Then, in the window that opens, specify the amount, the return period, and your purse for receiving funds. The amount and the period should not exceed the maximum values specified in the trust limit. Next press “Receive funds”.

WMZ loan

How to lend a Webmoney loan?

If you want to lend money to other people, you should first log in your account on the Webmoney Debt Service site. There you can see the “Lend” option on the top menu of the main page. Click “Lend” to see the information regarding the amount, the return period and and the correspondents you want to lend your money to.

WMZ lend

What do PayPax offer to Webmoney users?

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