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How to recover Perfect Money account password?

Perfect Money is one of the most popular payment systems all around the world. Many individual and businesses have perfect money accounts and use its different features for a variety of purposes. One of the regular issues in using Perfect money is to lose account passwords. Follow this article to learn about how to recover the perfect money password. This process takes 3 days to complete.

How to recover Perfect Money account password?
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Step-by-step tutorial to recover Perfect Money password 

Follow the steps below If you want to recover your perfect money password, change your email, recover your card code, or deactivate authentication and deactivate SMS login to your Perfect Money account.

1. Enter the Perfect Money recovery page

The first step is to enter the Perfect Money recovery page. This page displays a form that must be filled. This page contains the following:

  • Subject - which is similar to the request type, so if the password is forgotten, it must be set to Restore Password.
  • Member ID  - In this field, you must enter your Perfect Money account ID.
  • Current Account E-mail - In this box you will be asked to enter the email address you provided when opening your Perfect Money account.
  • Zip / Postal code - In this field, you must enter the postal code that was provided at the time of opening the account.
  • Your comments - In this section, you must enter your description
  • Mobile Phone - In this field you have to enter your mobile number that you provided at the time of opening the account. In the next step, an sms will be sent to this number.
  • Turing Number - In this field you have to enter the temporary code that is displayed in the image in the box.

After you have done all this, you have to click Next.

2. Enter the PIN code

The second step is that you have to enter the code that was sent to your phone number via SMS in the Enter PIN Code field. Then you have to select the Next Step option.

3.Upload identity documents

In the third step, you must upload your identification documents: 

  • scan your certificate or passport in the Scanned ID section, 
  • the service bills in your name in the Utility Bill section.

 Finally you have to select the “Complete”.

Once you have recovered your Perfect Money password make sure to keep it safe and not to share it online or with anyone. To learn more about how to set up more security to your Perfect Money account visit PayPax blog.

PayPax services for Perfect Money users

PayPax enables users to send, receive and accept PM USD payments by creating a PayPax multi-currency account. You can also exchange Perfect Money USD to Tether USDT and other types of digital currencies at any time.

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