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How to restore a Webmoney Keeper login password? Accessing the recovery wizard

Webmoney is one of the most favored global settlement systems among international investors, which provides money transfer and payments services for over 45 million users. It offers digital currency purses that represent popular national currencies. What makes it a popular e-wallet among its users is its convenience and high speed in depositing and withdrawal transactions.

How to restore a Webmoney Keeper login password? Accessing the recovery wizard
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Setting up a Webmoney account is easy and quickly done using the WebMoney services. However, you may face issues while using this highly popular e-wallet, among which is forgetting a password and the need for a recovery

Stay tuned with the rest of the article for a step by step photo guide on how to recover a Webmoney password.

How to access the recovery wizard in Webmoney?

For recovering a Webmoney login password, first you need to visit “” and follow the steps below to  restore access:

Step 1

Searching for WMID

Enter your WMID or WM purse. In case you don't remember it, use your mobile phone number or e-mail address. Recovery Wizard will find  your WMID by default, after entering the verification code sent to the given phone number/e-mail address.

wmz password recovery 1

Step 2

Birth date

Enter your birth date. 

wmz password recovery 2

Step 3

Phone number and email address

On this step, you need to confirm the specified phone and email by entering a verification code sent to that number/address. If you don’t have access to your phone or possibly e-mail, tick the box “I don't have access to the phone (e-mail)”.

wmz password recovery 3

Step 4

Security question

By providing an answer to the security question you can confirm your WMID access on this step. If you have lost access to your WMID or can’t recall the answer to your security question, tick “I don't have access to my WMID”/ “I don't remember the answer to the security question”.

wmz password recovery 5

Step 5


By using your WMID you can Set a new password for your WM Keeper Standard which will be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS or simply change any of the following: your current phone  number, your current email address, your current security question or Re-register a phone number

wmz password recovery 5

Step 6


In case you don't have access to your WMID, the next option is to fill an application which will require the following data: 

  • A copy of passport or other document 
  • Photo ID
  • OR recorded VideoId
  • OR your physical presence
  • Additional information about your WMID

The new password will be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS.

wmz password recovery 6

Note that if you used to work with  WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) or WM Keeper WebPro (Light), after the recovery operation they will change to WM Keeper Standard.

Advantages of PayPax for WebMoney users

Webmoney is the ultimate choice of many investors and traders of digital assets due to its high security and comfort to pay and receive online payment. When jumping in the big game of investment, the need for a reliable and secure exchanger is undeniable.

Online exchange

Many feel baffled which way to choose when it comes to exchanging money. Some turn to traditional ways and often get caught up in leaking money on unreasonably high fees, but that’s not the end. Using an online exchange service like PayPax can facilitate the process and solve the related issues by offering cost-effective solutions for you to easily exchange Webmoney to your desired form of fiat currency. Using PayPax you can easily convert:

24/7 customer support

It’s quite common facing technical issues when making online transfers. Nonetheless, PayPax support system has considered resolving these issues by hiring a technical support service. This service will allow users to report their technical issues via an email or live chat. Both PayPax participants and non-users of the system may take advantage of the support service.PayPax support center offers 24/7 customer support for you to be able to easily solve your possible technical issues and have a hassle-free experience of exchange. 

Reasonable rates and transparent fees

PayPax  is a fast and secure way to exchange Webmoney WMZ to other forms of digital money. Thus, instead of being caught up in weak and ineffective solutions, PayPax is here to bring you mid-market exchange rate and low transparent fees. Plus, PayPax currency converter brings you the opportunity to see the exact amount before even starting to exchange. This service is free for payPax participants as well as non-users of the system. 

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