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How to transfer crypto? Send crypto to anyone around the world

Many choose to send crypto to friends and family, and transfer crypto to pay for goods and services simply because it is easy once you get the hang of it. Sending crypto can be as easy as sending an email. If you do it once, it turns into an everyday medium which you’ll use for your everyday purchases and money transfers to anyone you like, whether in your own country or abroad.

How to transfer crypto? Send crypto to anyone around the world
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

There are also a number of platforms which help you along the way which is all the topic of today’s post. 

We’ll tell you all about ways you can send crypto to anyone around the world and the best crypto sending platforms online. 

How can I transfer crypto instantly?

Unlike conventional money transfers which normally take a long while, crypto transfers are done in a matter of seconds. This might be surprising to you in case you are used to sending money using traditional methods. To transfer crypto you don’t need to do too much. Sitting on your couch and simply having your mobile phone and a reliable payment processor, you can send crypto within a few seconds. The rest of this article will tell you all about the best way you can use to transfer crypto to anyone all around the world. 

send crypto to a friend

Can I send crypto to a friend?

To be able to send crypto to a friend or family comes in handy especially if they are somewhere far away or are living abroad. Since crypto also doesn’t have any physical borders the way dollars, pesos, or euros do, you can send crypto to friends, family, or merchants overseas as easily as sending them an email. Another reason why people choose to send crypto is the anonymity of crypto transfers. You can transfer crypto without sharing your personal or banking info, making it more secure.

Imagine you have a friend abroad who you want to send money to. The process of going to the bank and transferring them the money would take you at least a working day to be done. While if you ask for their crypto wallet address and send crypto it can be done in a few minutes. This is while many vendors and online shops accept crypto and they can spend it easily or turn it into cash. 

Transfer crypto to another wallet 

One way to transfer crypto is sending it to another crypto wallet. No matter if you own the wallet or its a friend’s or someone else’s you can send crypto to any wallet address you have. So, the first step would be for you to ask the recipient for their wallet address, then simply copy the recipient's address to your clipboard and paste it in the send field of the crypto payment processor or the cryptocurrency wallet you're using. A crypto wallet works exactly the same as your real–life leather wallet and is used to hold your cryptocurrencies.

Need more info regarding crypto wallets? Visit: A complete guide to cryptocurrency wallet

best crypto sending platform

Best crypto sending platform

So you want to send crypto instead of cash and are looking for a reliable platform? Simply sign up on or log in to the PayPax app. Sending crypto with PayPax is a hassle-free process. All you need to do is sign up on PayPax and you’ll automatically be given a crypto wallet through which you can easily receive and send crypto. 

Enter the wallet address you want to send to or scan the QR code. Confirm the transaction. Job done! Your crypto is on its way. 

Plus, PayPax does not charge any fees for instant withdrawals.

You and your friends can also exchange your funds to other forms of cryptocurrencies, digital money and fiat. 

How to send crypto step by step?

Here is a step by step guide you can use to transfer crypto to someone else or another one of your crypto wallets:

Choose your desired cryptocurrency

1Choose your desired cryptocurrency

First you need to choose the cryptocurrency you want to send to your recipient. There are many crypto coins and tokens available to transfer.

Ask for your recipient address

2Ask for your recipient address

To send crypto you need the recipient wallet address. A wallet address is a long string of characters, similar to a bank account number, that identifies where the crypto should go.

Login your crypto wallet or exchange account

3Login your crypto wallet or exchange account

Login the crypto wallet you’ve already chosen for your crypto transfers.

Choose to transfer crypto

4Choose to transfer crypto

On any platform that you are holding your crypto choose the “send” option. Enter the amount and your destination wallet address and click “send”. Confirm your transaction and your crypto will be sent as soon as possible depending on the network traffic.

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