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How to unblock your Perfect Money account?

Perfect money is one of the best online payment systems of financial transactions. Something that is obvious is lack of information about the rules of Perfect Money which leads to some problems such as blocking the account. In this article, we have provided all you need to know for the process of unblocking a Perfect Money account and using Perfect Money conviniently.

How to unblock your Perfect Money account?
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Creating Perfect money account, you are able to do global transactions easily. You can also top-up your Perfect money account using Perfect Money e-vouchers. Stay tuned with us to explain the reasons why Perfect Money accounts can be blocked and how to unblock your  Perfect Money account.

What is the reason for blocking a perfect money account?

There is no limit in registration and verification in Perfect Money, so your account won’t be blocked. But in some special cases, you may receive errors while logging into account

The error message may warn you of being blocked or reported by other people. Therefore, Perfect Money has blocked you in order to protect you against hacker attacks, so you and nobody else are able to log in. In case you are interested in securing your Perfect Money account you can read the linked article for detailed info.

If your Perfect Money account is blocked, don’t worry at all. You can unblock your Perfect Money account through the ticket system.

How to unblock a Perfect Money account?

The best way to request for unblocking a Perfect Money account is to use the PM ticketing system. Follow the instructions below to contact Perfect Money support.

1.Ticket system: 

Most systems and global websites are equipped with ticket systems, so you can explain your problems to the related organs. This is the same in the Perfect Money website. You have to send a ticket to unblock your account. To do so, log in to your account, in the “Contact Us” section>> select “Submit a New Ticket

ticket pm

2. Submit your information to send a ticket: 

  • Fill in the form based on your own identity. Write your name and email in the related fields. 
  • In the “Department” section, you have to determine the question subject. 
  • Select “problems with my account” and choose a subject for the ticket in the next field. You can write “My account has been blocked” in this field. 
  • Memo” section includes the text of the message. You can either write a text or use instant messages. 

ticket for perfect money

3. Track your ticket:

 You have sent your request to the support team now you have to wait for the  Perfect Money support response. Something you have to keep in mind is that you will be given a code after submitting a ticket in order to use it for tracking a ticket. 

To track a ticket, go to the “Contact Us” section and click on  “View a previously submitted ticket, and customer support answer”.

track ticket

4. Check the status of the ticket:

 At the next step, you can enter the code in the :Ticket Pin” field to check the status of your ticket response.

ticket status

Final Thoughts 

In this article, we have completely explained the reasons and solution to the blocked account. You can also create a Perfect Money account and top-up your balance using e-vouchers. You can refer to other PayPax articles about using Perfect money. In case you are a merchant you can use PayPax services to set up your payment gateway. By creating a multi-currency PayPax account you can also exchange Perfect Money to WebMoney and Exchange Perfect Money to cryptocurrency fast and securely.

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