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How to verify a Perfect Money account?

So you’ve recently joined Perfect Money and are wondering if it is necessary to verify your account and if yes how you can do so. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about verifying your Perfect Money account and provide you with a simple guide on how you can verify your Perfect Money account easily.

How to verify a Perfect Money account?
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As one of the world's most famous payment systems, Perfect Money is many users’ choice for online money transfers, online pay-in and pay-outs. A Perfect Money account makes it easy to make online transactions and payments online with a variety of digital currencies.

Why should I verify my Perfect Money account? 

Once you create a Perfect Money account you’ll be able to use it even without verification. But what matters is verifying a Perfect Money account will reduce the fees you are charged with to a great extent. Plus, if you go through the optional verification process of Perfect Money, you’ll be given access to more features available in your account. 

So, although it is not necessary, using a verified Perfect Money account is much more to your benefit than going along with an unverified account. 

How to verify a Perfect Money account?

in orderto verify your Perfect Money account follow the instructions below:

1. In order to verify your Perfect MOney account, first visit the website and log in to your dashboard.

2. Next, choose “settings from the top menu of your account. 

3. On this step, you’ll be redirected to a page on which you should click “Verification Management'' in order to verify your Perfect Money account.

4. The requirements for your Perfect Money account verification includes the following “Name Validation”, “Address Validation” and “Phone Validation”. Once you set them, the Perfect Money team will process your request and confirm your information if it fits their standards.

Note that since the Perfect Money verification process is done manually, it might take up to 5 working days in order for your information to be checked and confirmed.

Can I use my Perfect Money account without verification?

Verifying a Perfect Money account is mandatory, meaning that you can use your Perfect Money account without verification. However, you must know that an unverified Perfect Money account is charged with higher fees compared to a verified account. To further clarify, Internal transfer fees for a verified Perfect Money account is 0.5% while it is 1.99% for an unverified one.

As a Perfect Money user you might need to exchange your Perfect Money holdings to other digital assets. For that purpose, you might be in need of a reliable platform to bring you the most effective rates and convenience for your Perfect Money conversions.

Verifying a PayPax account is not obligatory either for using the exchange service. However, by verifying you can enjoy reduced fees and a pile of other interesting opportunities. What’s more is PayPax support center offers 24/7 customer support for you to be able to easily solve your possible technical issues and have a hassle-free experience of exchange. Using PayPax you can easily:

🔗Buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money

🔗Convert Perfect Money to PayPal

🔗Exchange Perfect Money to ETH

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