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How to verify your PayPax account? Step by step photoguide

In the world of financial businesses,the risk of mistakes committed by people or cyber security attacks and fraud has always been an issue. To prevent those from happening, account verification comes in to make sure that the provided account number is not only valid, but also belongs to the person or business claiming to own it. This is beneficial for both the company and the customer by reassuring them of their security.

How to verify your PayPax account? Step by step photoguide
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

Verification not only guarantees the customer security, but also brings other benefits such as lowering monthly commissions etc.

In this article we’ll tell you all about the advantages of a verified account plus a full photoguide on how to verify your PayPax account. 

Is verification necessary on PayPax?

Verification on PayPax is a simple process. By sending merely a couple of accessible documents, you can easily verify your account within a few working hours and enjoy the wonderful outcome, easier access, lower fees and higher security

Verification is not necessary for using the online exchange service but it will charge users with lower fees and give them an overall higher security. However, for users aiming to get an online payment gateway verification is obligatory

For those users owning a verified account (business or personal) the overall fee for internal money transfers and gift cards will decrease from %2 to %0.5. Note that the fee for deposits and withdrawals are definite and unchangeable and does not depend on your verification status.

How to verify a PayPax account?

Verifying a PayPax account is easily and quickly done within a few hours. Whether you want to use the exchange service or hire a payment gateway on your online marketplace follow the steps below. 

Step 1

In order to verify your PayPax account, first visit and login to your dashboard. On top of your dashboard, you can see your verification status and request for one. 

paypax account verification 1

Step 2

By choosing “verify”, you’ll be redirected to the verification page automatically. On this page you can see the requirements for an account to be verified. In order to do so, you need to send the required documents. The requirements are the following:

  • Logo or personal image
  • ID Card (passport, driving license, etc.)
  • Billing document

paypax account verification 2

Step 3

After submitting the aforesaid document, your verification request will be pending for authentication by the support team. 

paypax account verification 3

Step 4

Once your document is authenticated and confirmed by the support team, you can see your verification status changing. This can be viewed in the same section in your dashboard, through the “verification progress” box. Your verification progress can be anything from 0 to %100, depending on your document as shown below. 

paypax account verification 4

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