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New Coins added to PayPax: Enjoy the variety!

PayPax is happy to announce that it has expanded the number of its existing currencies to add 11 other popular and well known crypto assets to its list. PayPax customers will now be able to enjoy a variety of brand new options on their portfolio and use them for their money transfers and currency conversions. The recently listed coins are among the most popular assets, which perhaps many have been waiting for so long.

New Coins added to PayPax: Enjoy the variety!
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

What are the new listed coins?

The list of newly added coins consist of the following UNI, LINK, FTM, CHZ, MANA, SAND, GALA, AAVE, MATIC, THETA, APE. The provided list are among the most famous and widely used cryptocurrencies in the market.

The newly listed coins will be available on the platform alongside 50 other crypto assets for trading, using different methods like buying them with other digital assets (for instance PayPal), crypto or fiat currencies easily. 

Not only are the new listed coins popular, but also a bright future and a possibility of surge in price is predicted for many of them. The popular memecoin (APE), virtual reality game on the Ethereum blockchain (MANA) and biggest Ethereum competitor (MATIC) are examples of the coins which are good to invest in and are expected to have a bright future this year. 

But why is PayPax offering them? 

High transaction fees have always been an issue with some old but very popular crypto assets like Ethereum. As an innovative service provider and online exchange, PayPax is here to solve its customers’ possible issues by offering instant and low-cost methods which are to their benefit. With the variety of currencies recently listed on PayPax, it has opened new doors to efficiency and usability

Customer service and convenience could never be better defined for those who have been using PayPax for a while. We have been honored to have our loyal customers by our side all through these years to witness our progress and support us when needed and for that we are sincerely grateful.

We hope you enjoy our new arrangement. Leave us a comment and tell us about any other assets you have in mind to be added on PayPax in near future. 

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