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How to use Bitcoin on Steam? Easily pay with Bitcoin on Steam using this method

Steam is the most famous and widely used gaming platform all around the world. Many Steam users will want to pay using Bitcoin, since Bitcoin payments are financially rewarding and easy to initiate. However, it’s been a question whether Steam does welcome Bitcoin payments in the first place or not. Follow the rest of this article to find the answer to these questions and learn to use Bitcoin on Steam.

How to use Bitcoin on Steam? Easily pay with Bitcoin on Steam using this method
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Many users take for granted that Steam as the world’s largest and most famous gaming website accepts cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payments. However, there comes condtioins for Bitcoin payments on the big gaming website. Follow the rest of this blog to see why. 

Does steam support Bitcoin?

Although Steam used to be one of the biggest gaming websites with Bitcoin payments, currently it doesn’t support Bitcoin payments. Despite its announcement in April 2017 regarding the website acknowledging Bitcoin as a payment method, Steam removed Bitcoin payments from its platform in December of the same year. Since then, there have been no updates or new announcements regarding the company welcoming Bitcoin as a payment method. 

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Why doesn't Steam support Bitcoin? 

Crypto transactions have solved the problem of high transaction fees in international payments, money transfers and online purchases. Many people choose crypto transactions and payments not just because of its low fees but also for their incomparable speed. Despite all of these, Bitcoin’s price volatility is perhaps the main reason while Steam and many other websites do not take Bitcoin as a payment method. 

Will Steam support Bitcoin again?

Currently it is unclear whether Steam is going to start using Bitcoin in the future or not. It seems quite reasonable for Steam not wanting to jeopardize their income and possibly their monthly benefit they have from selling their products. However, they can also set a time limit for their customers to pay them in Bitcoin. Also, there are other cryptocurrencies in the market which can be used as a medium of payment, without the volatilities that come along with Bitcoin. 

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How to buy games on steam with Bitcoin?

As mentioned before, Steam doesn’t directly accept payments in the form of Bitcoin. However, you can still buy your favorite games from Steam with Bitcoin using the Steam gift cards. Steam gift cards have different values. Each card comes with a code that can be redeemed on Steam’s website. By redeeming a Steam card you’ll be given a sum of money which can be used and spent on Steam games. 

There are multiple online stores on which you can buy Steam gift cards in exhcange for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but first, you’ll need to buy Bitcoin at its best price and then use it to buy Steam gift cards and enjoy playing your favorite games.

Alternatives gaming websites with Bitcoin payments

There are several alternatives to Steam which you can buy games with cryptocurrencies on. G2A is one of them that not only sells some of the most popular crypto games in the world but also gaming accessories like keyboards, mice, headphones, and a bunch of other things.

Another famous alternative to Steam is Kinguin which is famous for the variety of crypto assets it offers for buying games.


In this article we went through the ways you can pay with Bitcoin on Steam and alternative gaming websites that welcome crypto payments. 

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