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Payeer review: A comprehensive review plus pros and cons

Payeer is a payment system that gives you the ability to make online purchases, send, and receive money. Also by having a Payeer account, you no longer need to use your main bank account details and give your private information when paying on other sites and receive payments directly, from their e-commerce.

Payeer review: A comprehensive review plus pros and cons
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Payeer’s main advantage is its multi-currency wallet which offers various possibilities to operate on various websites and online businesses. Also, many forex and online shops now offer Payeer as a payment method.

In this article we will walk you through the features and benefits of this major payment system. 

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What is Payeer and how does it work?

Payeer is an electronic wallet for users which can store various digital and crypto-assets. Payeer acts as a convenient platform that is exceptional in its design. It can help individuals overcome the problems of having multiple apps for various purposes and financial systems. With over a hundred supported payment systems, Payeer has been giving services such as trading or depositing, and withdrawing funds in multiple nations.

A Payeer account is usually subject to various fees that are charged by the platform for its services and features. This is the primary source of income for the company. Payeer provides a sophisticated platform with enticing advantages not commonly offered by digital or electronic wallet providers.Payeer is both a cryptocurrency exchange, which provides highly competitive fees to the users. Payeer also offers customized services and features to both individuals and businesses that goes along with their specific needs.

Is Payeer safe?

Payeer has a high level of trust and credibility among users and has been able to keep a safe and secure place. Payeer holds a firm policy when it comes to the requirements of the platforms, and this might be a result of compliance with such a huge number of countries.

The platform strongly holds back unlawful practices such as money laundering and appreciates the AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliance. 

Users in some regions might even have to show an ID card in order to get verified before getting to use the platform. In case the limit of any transaction is reached, proper and detailed documentation is required in order for users to continue using the platform. all in all, Payeer is considered one of the safest options among all the exisitng payment processors in the market. 

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Payeer fees

Payeer fees are competitive aompared to other options in the market for the various services and features that it provides to users. The trading fee varies for each cryptocurrency. In some cases, the deposit fee might be up to 3.99% though it is based on the payment system that is in use. The fee is quite transparent and the company has mentioned various charges that are associated with their transactions.

Pros and cons of Payeer 

As a multi-currency wallet Payeer is capable of serving as the only wallet that helps users by supporting both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Payeer is used to transfer directly to VISA, MasterCard, and other international methods and instant payment systems. Payeer is available in over 100 countries across the world and offers some of the most unique features as a platform, exchange, and digital wallet. 

It's not a very anonymous platform as users expect crypto trading to be. The strict policy system adds many problems in the process and the limit on transactions can be an extra burden for heavy users. Not many cryptocurrencies are supported by Payeer and there are some assets with small market shares. 

Security of Payeer 

Payeer pays great attention to security owing to its operation across various continents and an exponentially growing user base. The platform has set up various safety measures which are supposed to keep user information, data, and privacy safe & sound.

To ensure a secure and safe environment, the verification might take some time depending on various factors. It does not sound good to some, but it can be a good strategy with regard to accepting only verified users.

The system shows some limits without completing the verification, the transactions, withdrawals etc have certain limits beyond which the users can not act. 

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Payeer customer support 

The support team behind Payeer has been known to be very responsive, providing help and solutions for users. Users can create a ticket which would be responded to within 24 hours, said by many users. The company has also stated its address for the local users who might need immediate assistance in regards to their accounts. The customer support can also be reached by the individuals who seek to get special solutions for themselves or their businesses.

It might have been overwhelming for you to choose the best payment provider but with the comparison provided, you are now free to choose the best option which you think most fits your desires of a payment processor


Payeer is one of the most popular and widely known payment systems and exchanges across the world. The competitive fees and the reliability of operations make it a good choice for thousands of individuals across the world. If you have chosen PayPal as your payment processor you’ll definitely be in need of a reputable and secure payment processor to bring you the best platforms for your money conversions. Next, it is the convenience that matters to users the most and when it comes to convenience there comes fees. 

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