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PayPal vs. Stripe: Exclusive comparison plus table

Previously we had compared and contrasted many of the world’s famous processors and today's topic is PayPal vs. Stripe. PayPal is one of the most recognized names in e-commerce, which ensures customers will feel safe purchasing your products or services. Likewise, Stripe is another powerful payment processor with dozens of payment methods in different countries.

PayPal vs. Stripe: Exclusive comparison plus table
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To know more about the pros and cons of these two famous payment processors and a full comparison and contrast between them follow the rest of this article. 

Pros and cons of PayPal

PayPal is one of the best merchant services and leading mobile payment solutions of the world which offers easy and reliable payment services for both online and offline sales. PayPal provides secure means of sending payments and different financing options to its users all around the world. Plus, strong merchant support features for its users to better make use of the system. 

The popularity that comes along with PayPal, makes it an attractive target for phishing and scams and with recorded complaints about its poor customer service, it seems that you need to be your own savior in case of any occurring issues. As a consequence, refunds are delayed and disputes can take days to be responded to. 

Pros and cons of Stripe 

Stripe is a powerful payment processor for online sales, offering dozens of payment methods in more than 135 countries. Stripe has no setup, collection or monthly fees. The system offers advanced developer tools that allow you to create a checkout flow that is highly customizable. 

It’s easy to set up a Stripe account, plus, 24/7 customer support via phone, email and live chat is always there to respond to any occurring issues on your end. 

The open API and some other tools of the website may be difficult to use without having expertise in the niche, so you might need to ask for someone’s help for getting an online payment gateway from  the system. Additionally, in-person businesses and restaurants may encounter certain limitations when using the system. 

PayPal vs. Stripe 

Both services are popular and widely used all around the world. PayPal is generally a better option for small businesses that are just getting started. The reason why it is recommended to use PayPal for small businesses, is that PayPal does not require advanced technical knowledge and it offers an easy setup. Whereas, Stripe is better for big companies that are looking for more flexibility and the ability to customize their own integrated methods.

With both services it is easy to set up an account and there are no special documents or contracts needed. 

As mentioned before, Stripe offers open API sources that are customizable based on your requirement, but using the feature will need developer knowledge and you might not be able to use it on your own. However, PayPal API service is easier to set up and will not require much expertise in the niche, making it a suited option for small businesses. 

For many users fees are a priority when choosing the best payment provider. In case of fees, you'll pay 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction to accept card payments online and 2.7% plus 5 cents to accept in-person payments with Stripe. It does not charge monthly or annual fees.

PayPal fees range from 1.9% to 3.5% of each transaction, plus a fixed fee ranging from 5 cents to 49 cents. The exact amount you pay depends on which PayPal product you use.

Comparison table 

  PayPal  Stripe  Both

Which is better for small businesses? 


Which offers an open API?


Which is easy to use?


Which charges monthly fees?


What PayPax offers to both PayPal and Stripe users

PayPal and Stripe are two of the most reputable names in payment processing. If you're a small business that’s just getting started and you’re looking for a way to process payments online or a more established one, these two can help you reach your financial goals and attract more potential customers internationally. 

No matter which one you are using, you’ll always be in need of a reliable payment processor and online exchange service for your money and fiat conversions. 

Using PayPax, you can save money on currency conversion for a good reason and that is fees. The fees provided on PayPax are the most competitive you can find in the market. 

Plus, If you’re overwhelmed by Stripe’s complexity of options and want a more straightforward solution, PayPax offers a customizable API that is easy to bring to your marketplace and does not need much expertise in the niche. 

On PayPax, you can easily exchange:

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