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PayPax Auto exchange common issues and how to resolve them

Auto Exchange service is one of the popular PayPax features that enables users to convert e-money and cryptocurrencies in a couple of clicks, without going through complicated processes. In this article we go through some of the most common errors that users face while using this service and learn how to troubleshoot them.

PayPax Auto exchange common issues and how to resolve them
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

Important tips before using Auto Exchange

Do you want to use PayPax auto exchange through a fully automatic process with no issue? Here are some important tips to consider.

  • Make sure to enter the exact deposit amount correctly.
  • Attention to the deposit address expiration and make the payment before the count down timer ends.
  • Choose the right transfer network and double check to see if you have entered the address correctly. 
  • Check the minimum and maximum amount of deposit and withdrawals.

Try to consider all the tips mentioned above and keep in mind that the PayPax customer support team is available to answer any question or resolve any probable problem during the process. 

Possible exchange errors and how to troubleshoot them 

In this section we will analyze the most common issues in using Auto Exchange services on PayPax and explain how you can troubleshoot them in the shortest possible time.

No payment

Facing this error has possible reasons:

  • Payment is not made.
  • Payment is not confirmed by the source
  • Payment is made and confirmed but you have entered the incorrect amount.

❓How to resolve

If you have made the payment and you are sure that the transaction is confirmed you need to contact online support and provide your TXID. PayPax support would determine the problem and help you to resolve it.


timed-out tx

Timed out

This error is generated when you make the deposit to an expired address. Once the wallet address is generated, you need to make the payment in due time and before the count down timer ends.

❓How to resolve

Do not panic. Your funds are safe and sound. If you had made the payment it in due time contact or even if you had transferred to an expired address, contact support to resolve the issue.

pending tx



A pending transaction is a recent transaction that has not yet been fully processed. This means the transaction is being processed on the appropriate network and confirmation should be received shortly.

❓How to resolve

You need to wait for the network to confirm your transaction. If your transaction status has not changed after 2 hours contact support to credit your wallet manually and you can then set any order to buy/sell or withdraw. Keep in mind that you need to provide your Transaction ID as the proof of payment.


failed tx


Failed transaction is a transaction that does not settle due to financial, operational or any potential reasons.

❓How to resolve

If your payment is failed or timed out contact support with txid to resolve the issue.

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What is next?

If you have faced any of these problems PayPax will refund your amounts to your PayPax wallet manually. To withdraw you can refer to the "wallet" and choose to withdraw in any desired method. You can also enter the "buy/sell" section to exchange your funds to cryptocurrencies and then choose to withdraw to any desired destination. 

For example let us assume that you wanted to exchange Perfect Money to BTC and your auto exchange process was interrupted. As soon as the support resolves the issue you can see your Perfect Money funds in your USD wallet on PayPax. In this step you will need to refer to the Buy/Sell section and buy BTC. Then you can withdraw your Bitcoin easily.

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