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PayPax payment gateway common errors and how to solve them

PayPax payment gateway provides safe and secure means of online payments for both merchants and customers regardless of where they are located or what type of business they own, through the world wide web. The convenience and efficiency of the system along with a number of other reasons, has made it a popular choice for many users all around the world. However, when it comes to online transactions, it is quite common for users to face different types of technical issues which might put them in unwanted difficulty, they often have to solve on their own.

PayPax payment gateway common errors and how to solve them
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

Unlike all your previous experiences, PayPax will not leave you on your own in this matter. The provided guide will tell you everything you need to know about the possible issues and common errors you might face when working with PayPax payment gateway whether as a user or an acceptor and the best solutions for each. 

⚠️Before we start talking about the common errors you might face when working with PayPax payment gateway, we must note that crypto transactions are normally time-consuming, so you should wait some time for your order to be placed and processed before you go through the below list to check where you have gone wrong.

Common customer’s mistakes

When a mistake occurs, it’s either on the side of the customer or the acceptor. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by the customers when using PayPax payment gateway: 

❗️Depositing the wrong amount 

When depositing funds to your destination website, it’s vital to deposit the exact amount that is set to be deposited, otherwise it might cause problems. For instance, if the amount you ought to pay is $87.02, depositing anything but this amount will cause interruptions and deferral in your payment process. So, make sure to deposit the amount exactly as it is shown. 

❗️Depositing to the wrong blockchain network

Crypto transactions take place on different blockchain networks. Each blockchain network defines the route your funds should take for reaching the destination. Consequently, if your transaction goes to the wrong blockchain network it gets lost and impossible to be found again. Thus, you need to make sure you are not transferring funds to the wrong blockchain network. For example, if you are making a transaction using Tether on the TRC-20 network and send funds to the ERC-20 mistakenly your money will get lost and almost impossible to retrieve. 

❗️Entering the wrong email

The last common mistake you might make as a user is to enter the wrong email address. Make sure to check each and every word’s spelling when entering your email address. Double check for more assurance.

💡Solution: In case any of the above issues has happened to you, you should immediately contact PayPax customer support team whether through live chat or a ticket to resolve the issue at once. 

Common acceptor’s mistakes 

PayPax payment gateway mistakes can also happen on the side of the acceptor of the gateway. Here are some of the common acceptor’s mistakes:

🔸Once the payment process comes to an end a callback response is sent to the customer to be able to get back to the website and receive the service or goods they have made the payment for. However, customers might face certain issues with the callback response occasionally. Therefore, the acceptor must proceed to track the orders directly from PayPax.

🔸When the customer makes the payment for the goods or services they have ordered and receives it successfully, the acceptor must send a confirmation message (consisting the verification process) to PayPax in order to finalize the purchase, otherwise the amount will be frozen and held in their account temporarily until they take action. 

Here is a flow chart that shows the exact process your money goes through when using a PayPax payment gateway:

paypax gateway flow chart

Order status

When a customer places an order on a website, it goes through different phases until finalized. These orders can be in one of the following stages: 


This is when the order is placed and waiting to be paid by the customer. So, the payment is yet to be made on this stage.

Waiting for confirmation 

This is when the customer has made the payment successfully and it needs to be confirmed by the acceptor. This requires the acceptor to go through the customer’s information and deliver their order right after. 


This order is expired and out of commission since the customer has not made the payment in its due time

Canceled by the user

Either the order has been canceled by the customer or the payment process is called off


There are also other stages which an order can go through like when a customer asks for a refund or the payment is not confirmed in its due time by the acceptor. In all of the above, the parties must contact the support team to resolve the issue. 

Important points to consider when using PayPax payment gateway 

Here are some of the most important points you need to consider when using PayPax payment gateway

  • All the payments made through PayPax payment gateway are in US Dollars. So if for whatever reason your business does not accept USD, you are unable to use the system.
  • If a customer makes a payment (more than $15) in any other currency than the US Dollars, the amount will be converted to USD according to the mid-market exchange rates and sent to the acceptor’s wallet consequently. For instance, if a customer pays you in crypto, you’ll automatically receive the exact amount in your wallet but in USD
  • If the payment is less than $15, it will not be converted to USD. instead it will be sent to the acceptor’s wallet in the same currency that it has been deposited but with the fee deducted
  • When using a PayPax payment gateway, it is the acceptor who is charged with a fee. Thus, the fee is deducted from the deposited amount by the customer
  • As an acceptor, the fee you are charged with depends on the type of account you own. Verified PayPax profiles (or businesses) are often charged with less fees than unknown businesses or unverified accounts. For more information visit: PayPax global fees 
  • If the acceptor fails to verify the payment through API, they must refer the customer to the PayPax support team in order for them to verify and finalize the payment.
  • If a customer makes the wrong payment, he or she is in charge of it fully and must proceed to track or take actions on it.
  • The customer can return to the order even after the payment is made
  • The payment link or the URL used when making a payment is also considered as the receipt of the payment. 


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