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Perfect Money payment gateway | opportunity to accept online payments

Perfect Money is a global financial service that enables users to make fast payments and to make money transfers securely online. If you have a customer service website, it is important for your users to be able to pay with Perfect Money.

Perfect Money payment gateway | opportunity to accept online payments
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

By expanding your payment options, you can sell your products or services globally and receive Perfect Money dollars in your account. If you want to take advantage of this unique feature of Perfect Money payment gateway, join us in this article.


Before we get into the activation of the Perfect Money payment gateway, let's answer this question,

What exactly is this gateway and what does it do for you?

If you have a customer service website or if you sell your products online, one of the most ideal options is when you can have international customers. One of the prerequisites for earning dollars from potential customers all around the world is that you have an international payment gateway. Of course, foreign users can not pay with your fiat money, so you must allow your users to pay with an international banking system. Perfect Money is one of the most reputable systems that you can use to attract foreign buyers to your website using its payment gateway.

To activate the perfect payment gateway, in the first step, you must have a Perfect Money verified account.

Having the Perfect Money payment gateway APIs and setting it on your website, it is possible for users to pay online through the Perfect Money system. Therefore, as a second step, we can mention "Activating the API through Perfect Money account".

For this purpose, we must refer to our Perfect Money account and  "Enable" the API settings in the "Account Setting" section.

perfect money payment gateway

Where can we get the API related to the Perfect Money payment gateway?

As you know, to use these services, you must have the appropriate API for your site. Depending on what language your site is written in and what CMS you use, the download method is different:

If you use popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and, You can easily design your desired payment gateway using premade plugins.

But if you do not use popular CMS, and you have your own CMS for your site, do not worry. Because there is a Perfect Money payment gateway for PHP, Perl, ASP.Net and Python programming languages, you can easily read the documents of the Perfect Money website in this field and create a payment gateway for your website according to the guide and code snippet in these documents. To read the help files, refer to the Help >> API and Payments section of Perfect Money website.

PayPax services for providing Perfect Money payment gateway

There is an easy way to accept perfect money payments that does not require any additional set ups or any significant level of knowledge. 

PayPax services make worldwide payments and accessing to potential global customers easy and fast by offering businesses the opportunity to accept payments in different methods.

By signing up on PayPax website you can set up your crypto payment gateway to accept cryptocurrencies and any desired types of digital money fast and securely.

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