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Perfect Money vs. Bitcoin: Exclusive comparison

Perfect money and Bitcoin have often been taken mistakenly due to the similar purposes that they appear to serve for people who are not particularly familiar with the origins of Bitcoin and how much of a better user experience and interface it has over Perfect Money.

Perfect Money vs. Bitcoin: Exclusive comparison
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So you feel like you have been taking it wrong for so long and want to start again or you are among those who want to exchange perfect money to bitcoin? Then you are at the right place. It is worth investigating the pros and cons of each before starting to do anything serious. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the pros and cons of these two major payment assets and lead you towards taking the best decision for your financial purposes. 

Pros and cons of Perfect Money 

One of the major advantages for the Perfect Money system which attracts many users to using and holding on  to it as an investment is the low commission fees it offers compared to other digital forms of money or currencies. Due to its popularity, a wide range of websites and platforms offer related services for Perfect Money which makes it easier for you to find your desired conditions when you aim to exchange Perfect Money or buy Perfect Money dollars at your favored price. 

On the other hand, Perfect Money does not accept US clients due to the closure of liberty reserves and thus not many real businesses accept Perfect Money as a payment method. All transactions made within the system are finalized and irreversible once done and you need to keep an eye open for cyber security issues and fraud. Plus, Perfect Money fees are in some cases higher than usual and not very cost-effective. 

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Pros and cons of Bitcoin 

A major benefit of Bitcoin is that it’s a very versatile currency and is widely accessible to users all around the world. Since it only takes a few minutes to transfer bitcoins to another user, it can be used to purchase goods and services, regardless of where you or your destination are. Another major benefit is that Bitcoin transactions are done anonymously and without the need for much personal data which you don't wish to be exposed to other people. Plus, cryptocurrencies can always be held on to as an investment and you can make sure your money goes nowhere and is not wasted by any means, Bitcoin is of course no exception. 

On the other hand, Bitcoin price is extremely volatile and you can not be sure to benefit from it in the long run. Another issue is that Bitcoin is, Unlike fiat currencies that are regulated by a central bank, Bitcoin transactions don’t come with legal protection and typically are not reversible, which makes them susceptible to scams and cyber security attacks

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Perfect Money vs. Bitcoin 

Perfect money is in nature a financial service that offers instant payments through the internet for individuals and businesses all around the world. Using Perfect Money USD, users can not only pay for goods and services everywhere in the world but also buy Bitcoin, Gold, USD, and EUR currency. Unlike Bitcoin users, with Perfect Money there have always been high risks of losing money. As mentioned before, all Perfect Money transactions are irreversible meaning that users can not get their money back once they initiate a transfer. Plus, it’s always easier and requires less expertise to buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money than the other way around. 

Instant online platform for Perfect Money and Bitcoin exchange  

It is important to have a reputable platform that you can rely on to trade or exchange your funds with. PayPax offers superior services for several reasons, using industry-leading standards that are tried and tested to ensure that customers can trade, hold and exchange cryptocurrencies with no hassle. 

Some users choose to buy Bitcoin from unreliable sources and store the value in their Perfect Money accounts. This method, however, is not always safe. Without a secure crypto exchange platform like PayPax, a user puts themselves at unnecessary risks of losses. The e wallet you  are given on PayPax is designed to be more secure than most methods of making financial transactions. 

Ples, PayPax customer support desk is at service 24/7 to help you solve any possible technical issues you have faced during the process and the service is free for both PayPax participants as well as non-users of the system. 

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