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Perfect Money vs. Payeer: Full comparison plus comprehensive table

Perfect Money and Payeer are both payment services offering an alternative payment method for online transactions. These two services are mostly similar and widely used, however, there are slight differences between them. They are owned by different companies, in different states with different features. Perfect Money vs Payeer is the topic we'll discuss fully in the following article.

Perfect Money vs. Payeer: Full comparison plus comprehensive table
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If you are among the users who have chosen one of these services or are still uncertain which one to choose, follow the rest of this article to know all about the similarities as well as differences of the two systems.

Pros and cons of Payeer

Payeer is an e-wallet which allows users to shop online or receive money easily, without using bank account details. It supports more than 150 currencies in over 200 countries. As a payment processor, Payeer is quite reputable among users for having a high level of security and confidentiality. It offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods to its users for better opportunity to use a personal station to exchange currency. Plus, the system is pretty much easy to use and looks much more presentable compared to others.

On the other side, all transactions made with Payeer are irreversible once done. So, it’s almost impossible for you to get your money back in case of any occurring mistake or fraud. Payeer fees are not transparent and the system charges you with high commissions for sending digital currencies. 

Pros and cons of Perfect Money

Perfectmoney payment provides you with a lot of funding and withdrawal methods to let you make instant transactions with no difficulties.This leading financial system is among the most favored options in the world of digital assets. Using Perfect Money, you can also hire an online payment gateway on your site. Transactions are flexible and funds are securely transferred and received within the system. Plus, you can receive extra income by participating in partnership programs.

However, not many internet businesses accept Perfect Money as a payment method. All transactions made with the system are irreversible and can not be returned once done. The fees charged on Perfect Money withdrawals are quite high in some cases and the last point is it does not accept US clients

Perfect Money vs. Payeer

Transaction fees take more priority when deciding on the best payment provider. In this case, Perfect Money charges more fees than Payeer. Payeer fees seem too low compared to perfect money. Payeer charges only 0.5% transaction fees when transferring funds from one wallet to another wallet, whereas, perfect money takes 1.99%

Perfect Money has been in the business for almost 14 years. That’s what makes it an overall more trusted option among users regarding security and confidentiality. 

Payeer brings its users the ability to store even different cryptocurrencies , so Payeer is like an all in one solution to store fiat money as well as crypto. It is also faster when dealing with someone within the system. 

When it comes to user interface and friendliness, Payeer usually has better reviews. Perfect Money site does not always suit the users regarding the design and convenience. 

Comparison table

  Perfect Money  Payeer  Both

Which has lower transaction fees?


Which is more trusted?


Which supports both fiat money and crypto?


Which is more user friendly? 


What PayPax brings to both Perfect Money and Payeer users

In this article we went through and discussed the differences between Perfect Money and Payeer. Both systems are popular and widely used around the world and the ultimate choice for many businesses and individuals. To sum up, we can say that perfect Money is a more trusted choice among users due to its longer record, however, Payeer is a more user friendly platform based on user reviews. 

What matters is you do your research and choose wisely especially when it comes to fees. Whichever you have chosen, you’ll always be in need of a reputable and secure foreign exchange and international payments provider which provides the best exchange rate for your currency and fiat exchange. There are dozens of options out in the market, but as mentioned before transaction fees take more priority when deciding on choosing the best online exchange

Choosing an exchange service with the most cost-effective solutions can minimize your costs and bring you the convenience you have always been searching for. PayPax is all of this plus a currency converter which is free for participants as well as non-users of the system. There are endless opportunities provided for you on PayPax, you’ll love to experience. Create your PayPax account right away and you’ll be able to exchange PM to Payeer USD as well as Payeer USD to PM and lots of other exciting options you’ll never miss. 

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