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Perfect Money vs. PayPal: Exclusive comparison plus table

When it comes to online money transfers or even conducting online transactions, then you have indeed got to choose the perfect solution. However, people often think that it’s not that easy to find the best option without making a huge amount of effort. Contrary to the public belief, doing a little bit of prior research will smooth the way and help you find the most cost-effective solution.

Perfect Money vs. PayPal: Exclusive comparison plus table
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In this post, we’ll tell you all about the difference between two of the world’s major payment processors; Perfect Money vs. PayPal, plus a comprehensive table. 

Pros and cons of Perfect Money 

Perfect Money is an online digital currency payment system that allows you to make instant payments and money transfers securely all around the world. Perfect Money gives its users lots of methods and options to withdraw or deposit their funds. All funds are transferred securely and with zero risk of being lost or scammed. Transactions are instantly and flexibly made between the two parties.

On the other hand, Perfect Money does not accept US clients due to the closure of liberty reserves and thus not many real businesses accept Perfect Money as a payment method. All transactions made within the system are finalized and irreversible once done and you need to keep an eye open for cyber security issues and fraud. Plus, Perfect Money fees are in some cases higher than usual and not very cost-effective. 

Pros and cons of PayPal 

PayPal is one of the best merchant services and leading mobile payment solutions of the world which offers easy and reliable payment services for both online and offline sales. PayPal provides secure means of sending payments and different financing options to its users all around the world. Plus, strong merchant support features for its users to better make use of the system. 

The popularity that comes along with PayPal, makes it an attractive target for phishing and scams and with recorded complaints about its poor customer service, it seems that you need to be your own savior in case of any occurring issues. As a consequence, refunds are delayed and disputes can take days to be responded to. 

Perfect Money vs. PayPal

Both Perfect Money and PayPal offer diverse financing options to their users. However, unlike PayPal, Perfect Money does not accept credit/debit cards

Transaction fees take more priority when deciding on the best payment provider. In terms of fees, PayPal takes 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction and has no setup or monthly fees, while  Perfect Money charges a fee of 0.5% per transaction. In the case of withdrawals, Paypal will charge you a little bit higher fees when you withdraw money under a certain amount, which varies from country to country.

PayPal is a fully secure payment processor, which is licensed just like a bank or any other financing business, whereas  Perfect Money is an anonymous processor which you’ll never know what is going to do next.

One of the difficulties of working with PayPal is that you’ll need a bank account or credit card to open an account on PayPal while Perfect Money does not need you to do so. 

PayPal is restricted in some regions and Perfect Money does not accept US clients. Perfect Money has good user experience regardless of the cost, while PayPal has raised many complaints with the closing of accounts due to its terms and conditions. 

Comparison table

  Perfect Money  PayPal Both 

Which offers more financing options?

Which has lower transaction fees? *    
Which is more secure?   *  

Which needs a bank account or credit card?


Which is restricted in some regions?

in the US in some regions  

Which has better user experience?


What PayPax offers to both Perfect Money and PayPal users

In this article we went through and discussed the differences between Perfect Money and Payeer. Both systems are popular and widely used around the world and the ultimate choice for many businesses and individuals.

With the comparison provided you can now freely weigh the different aspects and choose your payment processor easier than ever before.

Also by transferring funds from Perfect Money to PayPal, you are able to store this money in a safe electronic account that ensures you of monthly interests. For that, you’ll be in need of a reliable payment processor and online exchange to bring you safe and secure means of transferring money with the best and most updated rates and lowest fees.

Our recommendation is PayPax. PayPax is a reputable and secure foreign exchange and international payments provider which provides the best exchange rate for your currency and fiat exchange. Create your PayPax account right away and enjoy a world of exciting opportunities.

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